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Brockhampton: Redefining the ‘Boyband’

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The multifaceted hip-hop collective which charted at Number 1 on billboard’s top 200 – whilst being in the midst of a #MeToo scandal. Brockhampton are best described as an alternative hip-hop group compiled of six vocalists and eight assisting members such as producers and managers. The main members consist of … Read More

Why Leeds Festival Is Here To Stay

4 months ago / 0 comments

There’s no getting around the fact that the crowd at Leeds Festival was very young. It’s been that way for years, with the festival gaining the reputation of being what The Guardian called a “GCSE festival”. Though that might not seem “cool” for more experienced festival-goers, there’s an upside to … Read More

Brockhampton Continue to Push Boundaries with New Project, iridescence

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A beautifully crafted project rising from the ashes of past controversy comes iridescence, a confirmation that Brockhampton are still dominating new sound within the hip-hop genre as they continue to push the boundaries of sound, theme and message. iridescence manages to recapture the raw intensity and energy that this fourteen … Read More

Reading & Leeds Festival: Strength in Diversity

6 months ago / 0 comments

With so many festivals taking place over the summer period, it’s hard to pick just which ones to go to. If you’re into multiple genres of music, you might not be happy with a festival like Wireless or Download, which specialise in their respective genres. Leeds Festival, however, has always … Read More