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Brudenell Groove transform Hifi into The Black Lodge

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Clambering down Hifi’s dark stairs and entering through a thick, red velvet curtain, party-goers emerge in the Black Lodge from Twin Peaks. For those unfamiliar with the cult 1990’s TV show directed by David Lynch, Twin Peaks is a mystery drama revolving around the murder of Laura Palmer. It’s renowned … Read More

Keep on Groovin’ – Brudenell Groove Review

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Since June 2016, Brudenell Groove have been revolutionising the local music scene by bringing together Leeds’ DJs, promoters and dancers in order to eliminate the hostility of competition and replace it with cooperation and support amongst artists. If Brudenell Groove couldn’t do any more for the local community, all the … Read More

Clubbing with a Conscience

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The Leeds nightlife scene caters for far more than just its attendees, with many events donating large quantities of money to charity. Editor-In-Chief Reece Parker gives us the run-down on such events. The morning after any enjoyable night out, you could be forgiven for thinking that clubbing never did anyone … Read More

One Night With. Move D @ Wire 26/05

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The ‘One Night With.’ concept is built around a pretty simple list of things. A big name underground headliner, an extended set, a crowd there for the right reasons, and the intimate confines of one of Leeds’ best small clubs. Get those things right and a good night is pretty … Read More

Review – Brudenell Groove’s Fresh Start

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Coming back for my third and final Leeds Freshers’  Week after a year spent wallowing in the relative utopia of Munich’s club scene, I was preparing myself for what had become the norm: a single mediocre night out at the Faversham followed by six days of sitting in a living … Read More