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What is Going on With Elon Musk?

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A CEO of four billion-dollar companies smoking a blunt on a public podcast… Elon Musk has been the centre of a few controversy’s lately and its starting to have an effect on his businesses. So, what is going on with Elon Musk? Firstly, it’s important to know a little bit … Read More

Placement Stress? Don’t Panic!

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All of a sudden, summer is over and campus is filled with students excited for a great year. For second year students, this time can be incredibly stressful as you are trying to ensure you have a placement sorted for your year in industry. Have you got your placement sorted … Read More

LUU Entrepreneurs: Social Saturday

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From facilitating business launches to providing discounted printing for its members, LUU Entrepreneurs Society are illustrating how best to utilise the vast array of resources available to students at Leeds. It’s upcoming project, Social Saturday, promises to be an eye opening journey into the world of social enterprises and demonstrating … Read More

Where Did the Emerging Market Crisis Come From?

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Concerns of an impending emerging markets crisis have been a major worry for investors this summer. Crumbling confidence has seen foreign investment withdrawn from the likes of Turkey, Argentina, South Africa and India among others, all of which rely on money from foreign investors. The countries involved have suffered huge … Read More

10 Years On From the Financial Crisis…

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Gryphon writer, Sagar Kar, explores the factors which led to the financial downturn and whether we have learned our lessons from the past economic crisis, or not. It has been a decade since the 2008 financial crisis that economists now call “The Great Recession”. However, what was it that led … Read More

The Fenty Effect: Why shade diversity equals big business potential for beauty brands.

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Inclusivity, equality and diversity are being emphasised and preached in workplaces all over the world, but is it being transferred through to product development? Here, we look at how beauty brands are increasing their business potential by promoting inclusivity. The global beauty market is reportedly worth over 450 billion US … Read More

What is the Winning Formula Behind Wetherspoon’s Success?

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Arguably a student favourite, JD Wetherspoon plc has been operating since 1979, when their first pub opened in North London. Fast-forward nearly forty years later and the national chain now owns nearly 1,000 hotels and pubs across the UK and the Republic of Ireland. Having earned numerous accolades including a … Read More

Businesses to Watch During Fresher’s Week

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Dominos leaflets scattered on the streets, hands full of club flyers and student discounts everywhere. Yep, it’s fresher’s week and businesses will do everything they can to get their hands on your newly acquired student loan money. Targeting students is a very effective way for businesses to reach a new … Read More

A Quick Guide to Staying CV Savy at Uni

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Starting University can be extremely daunting but what is arguably more daunting is the ‘real world’ you have to face after graduation. This prospect is something you will be reminded about from day one at Leeds and unfortunately something you should really be thinking about asap. Therefore, it is important … Read More

Giving Birth To A Recession

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A paper entitled ‘Is Fertility a Leading Economic Indicator’ concludes that the rate of women becoming pregnant begins to fall several months before the start of a recession. The research team, comprising economists from the Universities of Notre Dame (UND) and Kentucky, measured fertility in the United States by proxy … Read More