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Is Our Economy Slowly Waving Goodbye to Cash?

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This was a question which, in a recent interview, I was asked, and to say the least, I was stumped. Some people like carrying around money, some people don’t trust the banking system, the shadow economy… were all things I drew on in an attempt to give a reasonable answer. … Read More

How the Colours You Wear Affect Your Career

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The power of colours over our moods are now well known, with research showing that different colours can affect us physically, changing our heart rate, blood pressure and respiration. This science has been applied to interior design; hospitals are often painted blue and green which denote peace and calmness, and … Read More

A Game of Monopoly

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“The London housing crisis” is no stranger to headlines. Less familiar is the phenomenon of ‘ghost’ homes and the game of monopoly creating them. Across London, 20,000 so-called ‘ghost homes’ sit, uninhabited. Across England, multiply that statistic by 10! 200,000 empty homes with a total value of £43bn were empty … Read More

The Bank That Runs England

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Photo from : IBTimes UK We often hear about the Bank of England in the news. They are in charge of creating financial and monetary stability for the UK. Some of their most important functions include the setting official interest rates, issuing bank notes and regulating the financial industry. Working for … Read More

A Week For, Hopefully, a Long Career in Finance

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Photo from : Wikipedia Most people interested in Finance will have heard of the so-called “Spring weeks”; the mystical and elusive ‘internships’ for first years. I got accepted for three internships: Rothschild and HSBC, which I managed to attend, and UBS, which I was unfortunately not able to attend due … Read More

McDonalds Around the World

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Photo fro : IGrow If you have ever ventured into a McDonalds outside of Leeds, or the UK for that matter you have probably noticed that the standard Big Mac, McChicken, nuggets etc cannot be found. In fact the menu when you walk into the different McDonalds around the world … Read More

The 2017 Spring Budget and What it Means For You

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68 pages long, carrying the proposed government spending and expenditure regarding all sectors of the economy, affecting all 65,511,098 people in the UK; The Spring Budget 2017. But how does it affect us? For starters, the UK economy is forecasted to grow by 2% in 2017 despite concerns that Brexit … Read More

The Best Business Degree of 2017

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This week, QS, the global career and education network service released their yearly rankings of the best Universities in the world, broken down by subject and region. As the Business Section of this newspaper it is only natural that we report on what they ranked as the best degrees in … Read More

Another Fragment in the Rise of Modern Populism

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On Wednesday (14.03.2017), the Dutch went to the polls. The options were varied, with 28 parties running for seats in parliament. And like so many political events since the summer of 2016, populism is overshadowing this event. Up until around two weeks ago, the party of Geert Wilders (the Party … Read More

Disney on Thames: A fairy tale for the UK or a public expenditure villain

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Last week there was a huge buzz surrounding Paramount’s confirmation of their 872-acre, £3.5billion bombshell landing in the UK. In an ambitious project to rival Disneyland, Paramount are opening their own theme park in Kent. And with paranormal activity, star trek, Madagascar and even titanic on their books, the buzz … Read More