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Phones explode and Samsung’s shares implode

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(Photo : REUTERS/Dado Ruvic) Following the release of the Galaxy Note 7 in August, Samsung was riding the wave of success after rave reviews for their innovative new design, which claimed to push the boundaries of previous smartphone capabilities. Offering premium wireless charging and a more responsive iris scanner, the … Read More

Spotify to buy Soundcloud ?

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At the end of September, news spread of a possible takeover of SoundCloud by Spotify. Although this might have come as a surprise, SoundCloud has been looking to sell since July at least at a value of $1 billion! However, in June it secured a round of financing valuing it … Read More

Brexit uncertainty and higher education

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As we all know ‘Brexit’ has led to adjustments within our economy. However what you may not know is the effect these are set to have upon students. The value of our currency has dropped significantly, particularly against the US dollar, where the exchange rate is at a 31-year low! … Read More

The Leeds food industry making a difference

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In modern industry, the recognition of the environmental and ethical impact of firms is undoubtedly growing. As consumers, many of us no longer find it acceptable for businesses to exploit natural resources for their own greedy motives! More and more businesses now incorporate ethical goals into their company structures. We … Read More

Job prospects across the Channel – are languages the future?

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In an increasingly globalised and competitive job market, what can students do to help them stand out within a sea of applicants for a limited number of jobs? The answer: learn a foreign language. With this in mind, I travelled to Germany in July to complete a four-week course in … Read More

The most inconspicuous billionaire?

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Every business student has come across the Inditex (Zara) study case. The majority of us have studied the characteristics of this company and I could list myself some traits and examples of its  internationalisation over the previous decades. However, how much do we know about its owner? Do we know … Read More

Deliveroo: How our new favourite takeaway app achieved such rapid success

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Annual growth of 25% and a net worth of over $1billion in just 3 years, impossible for a start-up business I hear you cry! Yet Deliveroo with a presence in over 60 countries and an army of 5000 cyclists, has achieved the impossible. The seemingly straightforward concept of ordering high … Read More

Recipe for Success

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The Gryphon speaks to the Golden Balls team – co-founders Francesca Taylor and Rebecca Peartree and their business director and housemate, Louise Barton, all final years at the University of Leeds – about the street food industry and balancing their business alongside their studies. Living in France on their year … Read More

Why are we crushing entrepreneurial spirit in our school kids?

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Tommie Rose is the hot topic of conversation this week after having made a small fortune of £14,000 in the past few years by selling treats to his fellow students at Salford’s Buile Hill High School. His business acumen was inspired after watching  hit TV shows like Dragons’ Den and The … Read More

Omoyemi Akerele

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Omoyemi Akerele is the epitome of a powerhouse. She is one of the driving forces behind Nigeria’s bourgeoning and swiftly developing fashion industry. Her quest to promote, preserve and protect the West African country’s sustainable fashion industry lead to the creation of Style House Files. It is an agency and … Read More