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Food | Gastronaut – Red’s True Barbecue, Headingley

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As I headed to the new Red’s True Barbecue branch in Headingley for their extravagant launch, I was apprehensive; could they really have pulled off recreating their famous Leeds branch that left people, myself included, talking about the REDs experience for weeks after? The hot and sunny afternoon that provided … Read More

Food | Gastronaut – Trio

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Heading to Trio on a Thursday lunchtime LSi were unsure of what to expect from the rather up-market venue nestled in the heart of our scruffy beloved student area. On arrival we found the building itself to be an exercise in tempered civility: inhabiting the suburban sort of style common to mid-range … Read More

TV | The Taste – Apparently it's the only thing that matters

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With a format shipped in from across the Atlantic, The Taste is the new cooking show sensation that is far more dramatic than the average cooking programme we normally see on our screens. The premise is that ‘taste is the only thing that matters’, with only a spoonful of food being … Read More

Food | Gastronaut – The Pit

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Heading to The Pit on a Thursday night, in the rather empty streets behind the club formally known as Bed, left me wondering what could be possibly be in store for myself and my dining companion. After tentatively descending the steps to the underground bar and restaurant I was pleasantly … Read More

Food | Top Takeaways – Luckys

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hungryhouse.co.uk gave us the option to try out their top takeaways to avoid ever having a Munchies-esque cockroach feast ever again. First up LSi tried Luckys, a regular mid Otley Run stop, to see whether it tastes as good as you think it does after visiting around ten pubs before … Read More

TV | Karl Pilkington – The Moaning of Life

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The “little round headed buffoon” is back and oh how we have missed him. Karl Pilkington’s new series sees him go it alone without the great contribution of Gervais and Merchant. The first episode addresses the topic of marriage, seemingly inspired by Karl’s own lack of commitment to marry his … Read More

Tv: The Village

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The BBC’s latest drama The Village delivers a touching story of Bert (Bill Jones), a young boy struggling with the hardships of life in a small village during the outbreak of the First World War. The six part series spanning 1914-1920 introduces a number of characters, from a burgeoning suffragette … Read More

TV: Broadchurch

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ITV’s latest delivery of British drama sees the sleepy village of Broadchurch cruelly awoken by the murder of a young boy, Danny Latimer. Everyone’s lives are affected by the boy’s death and the worst is yet to come as detectives Alec Hardy (David Tennant, Doctor Who) and Ellie Miller (Olivia … Read More

What's On: I'm A Celebrity – Get Me Out Of Here

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  With the final of I’m A Celebrity – Get Me Out Of Here! fresh on our screens, Caitlin Williams runs through the line-up and asks, what’s the future for the rainforest? As I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here reaches it’s final week, we can start to speculate … Read More

TV: The Changing Shape of Reality TV

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  There’s a new craze of docu-soaps sweeping the nation. Made In Chelsea and Geordie Shore are now joined by Welsh equivalent The Valleys on ITV. God help us, says Caitlin Williams. Love them or hate them, these shows are huge. They are loud, brash and often ridiculous, but alongside … Read More