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Top Five: Spy Stories

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Caitlin Williams investigates spy intelligence this week especially for big interviewee Jane Featherstone.   The Girl With Whe Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson With as much passion and violence as Bond, this is a stunning and shocking, but less conventional spy story, in which Lisbeth Salander’s hacking know-how and photographic … Read More

What's On: Homeland

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  Intelligentsia: Claire Danes as Carrie Matheson in Homeland. Image: Channel Four.   Caitlin Williams watches the start of US thriller, Homeland’s, second series, with baited breath. The start of the second season of Homeland is already racing across our screens like a bullet shot from the barrel of Tom … Read More

Book of the Film: Lawless

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  Caitlin Williams looks at the inspiration behind this week’s box office hit Lawless. Lawless – originally named The Wettest County in the World – is an authentic American epic for our generation, steeped in whisky, history and blood. The tale starts in rural Virginia, following the lives of the three Bondurant brothers who … Read More