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Wonder Where the Women Are?

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Camilla Marotta discusses the pervasive gender complications within the film industry. 2017 started with a lot of good premises for women in cinema. The long-awaited DC movie Wonder Woman was set to be released alongside the Disney adaptation of Beauty and the Beast, starring Emma Watson, that was sure to … Read More

Interesting concept, poor execution: Clint Eastwood’s The 15.17 to Paris

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The 15.17 to Paris is director Clint Eastwood’s latest project about the terrorist attack that took place on the Thalys train travelling from Amsterdam to Paris in 2015. The events of that day are well known: 25 year old Moroccan, El-Khazzany, tried to put in act a terrorist attack that … Read More

Art removal in sign of protest at the Manchester Art Gallery

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When the curator of the contemporary art section at the Manchester Art Gallery, Clare Gannaway, decided to pull out from displaying a painting from Pre-Raphaelite painter J.W. Waterhouse, the initiative was said to be about encouraging conversation and starting up a discussion about female body’s representation during the Victorian age. … Read More

The State of LGBTQ+ Cinema

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The past decade has seen huge victories for LGBTQ+ representation on-screen, but how much progress has really been made? A whole new wave of independent cinema seems to have taken an interest in tackling more complex and diverse characters. An article from The Independent reported that 2017 has been a … Read More