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Phillip Morris’ U-Turn: Big Cigarette Manufacturer Urges Smokers to Quit

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With a packet of 20 Marlboro Gold in the UK setting you back at around £11, it may seem surprising that Philip Morris has plans to stop selling here. The parent company of Marlboro, Philip Morris, has taken a controversial stance on smoking in the UK. Marlboro is known for … Read More

Fatshaming or life-saving?

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Cancer Research came under fire recently for a controversial campaign advertisement that was intended to increase awareness of obesity as a leading cause of cancer. The ad, which references the fact that obesity is fast becoming known as one of the leading preventable causes of cancer, has been accused by … Read More

A cup of yoghurt a day, can help keep Cancer away

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Did you know that half of the cells you carry around in your body are not actually your own human cells, but those belonging to various kinds of bacteria? Around 30-40 trillion bacteria (yes that’s right, I said trillion) lead a happy life in various locations around your body, predominantly … Read More

Exploiting viruses: from cold sores to cancer cures

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Is it possible for us to exploit something that is potentially harmful to us, to alleviate something that might cause even greater harm? That is the big question for researchers in Leeds and around the world, currently working on oncolytic viruses. An oncolytic virus has certain characteristics that enable it … Read More

What’s new in Science this week?

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NASA has revealed new evidence of a massive ocean hidden under the surface of Jupiter’s moon Europa that may be more accessible than thought before. Evidence has surfaced from pictures taken by the Hubble Space telescope in 2014 showing plumes of water some 200 km above the surface and containing … Read More

Alan Rickman dies aged 69

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Film star Alan Rickman has died aged 69 after a battle with cancer, his family have confirmed. The actor was much loved, known for playing Hans Gruber in Die Hard and gaining the attention of a younger audience for his role as Professor Snape in the Harry Potter series. A … Read More

David Bowie dies of cancer

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Legendary artist David Bowie has lost his battle with cancer, after being diagnosed 18 months ago. The rock star was 69. Bowie’s death was confirmed on his official Facebook page: “David Bowie died peacefully today surrounded by his family after a courageous 18 month battle with cancer. While many of … Read More

UK Baby Saved by Innovative Cancer Treatment

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Layla Richards, an 18 month old girl from London, was diagnosed with a highly aggressive form of leukaemia at just 14 weeks old. Now, thanks to the doctors at the Great Ormond street hospital, after only a matter of months she is well on her way to recovery following pioneering … Read More

Meditation: A Potential Therapy for Cancer?

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Meditation may be more than just a way to relax – scientists have found evidence that meditation can affect us on a cellular level. In a study led by Dr. Linda E. Carlson involving 88 emotionally distressed breast cancer survivors, it was found that mindful meditation, a type of meditation … Read More

Final 7k run to raise chemo funds

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A Leeds University student has raised over £1,000 after completing a series of mini-marathons to help fund her grandmother’s cancer treatment in Ukraine. Second-year International Development undergraduate, Natasha Mykhalchenko crossed the finishing line of her final 7k run of a total 70km challenge outside the Union on Friday. Natasha told The Gryphon, ‘After … Read More