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Cannabis Use Increases Risk of Developing Psychosis, Priory Experts Warn

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Cannabis is the most commonly used drug in the UK, with 7.2% of adults aged 16-59 admitting to smoking it in the last year, according to the Home Office Crime Survey. A recent poll by The Independent found that 51% of Britons supported decriminalisation of marijuana, and young adults are … Read More

The Forgotten Victims of the “War on Drugs”

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D-Day is upon us and the Government is failing to win its war on drugs. As with wars fought in the psychical sense, the war on drugs is a sad tale of death and defeat. Promoting the false reality that the prohibition of drugs is working, the Government contends that its … Read More

Drugs Live: Cannabis on Trial was boring and biased

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Channel 4’s Drug’s Live: Cannabis on Trial attempted to distinguish the difference in the feelings and effects induced by hashish and the reportedly “three times stronger” skunk, which has created much debate in recent years. Millions of people in the UK smoke cannabis every year and it’s an experience many … Read More

The grey area: Cannabis and cognitive impairment

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Since the 3rd millennium BC (from the early to middle Bronze Ages), cannabis has been inhaled as a recreational drug worldwide. As the most common drug to be taken, 6.9% of the population take cannabis each year compared to the next most common drug, powder cocaine (of which 2.2% of … Read More

A disgrace to reason: UK drugs policy is an insult to 21st century Britain

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Joshua Taylor, Digital Associate Editor at The Gryphon, discusses the hypocrisy surrounding UK drugs policy, and challenges what freedoms we hold most dear in our society. The last week brought tidings of the latest absurdities when the government published, and apparently ignored, reports from the Home Office which suggested penalisation for … Read More

News | Hyde Park drugs den busted

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Police have discovered a ‘significant growing set-up’ of cannabis in a drugs raid in Hyde Park. The alarm was raised by patrolling officers who became suspicious of a ‘strong smell of cannabis’ at the address on Norwood Terrace on Saturday evening. A 27-year-old Vietnamese man was detained after police forced … Read More

News | Carr Mills cannabis den busted

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Police are currently searching for a suspected drug dealer after a bust on student accommodation Carr Mills. The plants and equipment for growing the Class B drug were found in the apartment of Abel Miles, who lived in a private flat on the grounds of the student residences in Woodhouse. … Read More

Raid on Woodhouse cannabis den

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A residential home being used as a cannabis den in Woodhouse was raided by police last week following a report of a break-in. Police received the report that several men had been seen breaking into a house on Quarry Mount Terrace in the early hours of the morning on Friday … Read More