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Art And Communism

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Communism is the economic and political belief that all property is owned by the community. In reality, this mutates into the notion that everything is therefore owned by the state. Its opposite ideology is known as Capitalism, the system in which factors such as trade and industry are controlled by … Read More

The Zimbabwean Economy: From Mugabe to Droughts to Inflation to 2017

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Under the ZANU party led by Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe became an independent country in 1980, freed from British colonial rule. This naturally presented challenges to governance: how could Zimbabwe disinherit its colonial institutions and become a new nation in a way which was economically viable and sustainable for its people? … Read More

Goodbye Uber London – the cost of cheap transport too high to bear?

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On the 22nd September, news broke that Transport for London (TFL) had stripped Uber of its private hire license that allows them to operate in London, coming into effect by the end of the month. Cue mass panic from the 3.5 million Londoners that use the service (and no doubt ... Read More

“What if Christmas doesn’t come from a store. What if Christmas… perhaps… means a little bit more!”

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As Christmas draws ever nearer, The Gryphon examines the effect our consumer-driven society is having on the traditional meaning of the festive season. Christmas is a time to relax, reflect, and spend time with our loved ones. However, it is also a period strongly coloured by the era of consumerism. Traditions such … Read More

Photojournal | Staff on strike – "It's the last resort today"

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“What’s twenty times six?” asks Ann Blair, law lecturer and President of University of Leeds University and College Union (UCU). “One hundred and twenty”. “Well. That’s how many mince pies I’ve been distributing on the picket lines this morning.” It’s a good effort: hundreds of lecturers, administrators and various support … Read More