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Where to Study on Campus

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As a second year who has just about dodged her way through nearly four semesters in Leeds, I would like to think I’ve become acquainted with the many different places to study on campus. It can be difficult to find the ideal place to study on campus, but there is … Read More

REVIEW: Flatpack Empire

11 months ago / 0 comments

The first episode of this new series which goes behind the scenes of furniture giant, Ikea, proved an interesting watch. It begins exploring the humble beginnings of the company, first started in 1943, and explores how its concept was initially received compared to now. The company had been small when … Read More

Chocolate Yule Log Recipe

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This oozing chocolate desert cake is the perfect thing to enjoy this Christmas! Complete with a spiced buttercream filling and covered in double chocolate ganache this calorific delight certainly requires a spot on your table. You might be a little cautious about baking your own swiss roll for the first … Read More

Why We Should Be as Sensitive as 4-Year Olds

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This week’s episode of The Secret Life of 4-Year Olds was full of lively personalities, funny moments and plenty of drama and excitement. Victoria, Vinnie, Ada and Noah featured this week and the programme centred in on sensitivity and emotions. From the trials and tribulations of unrequited affection between Noah … Read More

Mindfulness – The Sh*t or Bullsh*t?

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I started practicing mindfulness and meditation a long time before it became the popular trend it is today. Mindfulness is ingenious and was an important part of recovery from my own struggles with mental illness and it’s one of the few methods I still rely on. It’s such a useful … Read More

How to Maximise your Organisation at University

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Staying on top of workload at University is a bit like washing up. You can wash a few dishes as you go not letting too many pile up at once or you can let it pile up for weeks and you’ll find mould growing on top of your leftover tuna … Read More

Go Hard but Get Home

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As the new semester kicks off and students arrive back in Leeds, its very likely you’ll be spending a few evenings sampling the city’s night life. Leeds certainly has plenty to offer students with a wide array of different venues to suit all personal tastes in music and culture. It … Read More