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Paper Straws and Lift Sharing Apps Won’t Save Us Now

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Last week, the UN’s leading body of climate scientists released its report outlining the most current understanding of the impact of global warming. The starkest and most widely reported detail of the report: action must be taken within the next twelve years or we risk a potential domino effect of … Read More

Time to Move the Debate on with Climate Change

2 months ago / 0 comments

Recently, Fran Unsworth, the Director of BBC News and Current Affairs, produced a briefing note that condemned the broadcaster’s coverage of man-made climate change for being too accommodating towards the viewpoints of those who deny it exists. In general, media coverage about the existence of climate change has done nothing to … Read More

What’s new in science this week?

2 years ago / 0 comments

A group of 5 universities from the UK have tentatively announced that they may have discovered a cure for HIV. The new treatment involves anti-retroviral drugs, which boosts the immune system, allowing it to find and destroy any infected T-cells. Finally, a drug known as vorinostat is used to reactivate … Read More

400PPM Carbon Dioxide and no turning back

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As of this September, we will never see CO2 levels drop below 400 parts per million. In a world where many won’t believe, or simply choose to ignore, the existence of climate change; we have reached a point considered by some scientists to be a particularly dark and damning milestone. … Read More