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Part-time job ideas

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Being a student can be very expensive, so what do you do when you’re strapped for cash but also for time? Looking for a part-time job alongside your studies can seem overwhelming. Academic and social commitments gradually fill up during the week, and before you know it it’s Sunday again, … Read More

Why I hate the word ‘networking’

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I am a Literature student at University of Leeds. My life revolves around novels, plays and stacks of colour-coded notebooks. Last year, studying and getting used to living somewhere new was enough. But this time around, I am entering my second year, and suddenly just studying doesn’t seem so important. … Read More

Standing at the crossroads

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As a final year university student, I find myself at a crossroads – hundreds of paths forking off in different directions each one offering me a different future and a different life. Spinning around with no idea what path I should venture down leads to huge feelings of confusion and … Read More

A Postcard from Beyond: Callum Dolan

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One month before I graduated from university, I started my first proper real-world adult job. Seventeen years of education almost completed and I was already moving on to the next stage of my life with hardly any time left to think in between. But who cares, right? Getting a graduate job has always been … Read More

Features | Top Five Jobs Abroad in Summer

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No one wants to spend their summer holidays at home, begging their parents each night for a tenner to go down the pub and being told to ‘go and get a job!’ It’s never too early to start thinking about your summer, whether you’re a first year undergraduate or even … Read More

Features | The truth about interning

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The summer may be long gone, but those with an eye on the future are already thinking about the next opportunity to make their CVs look pretty. LS takes a look at the urban myths surrounding the elusive internship and speaks to students and alumni about their experiences. We have … Read More

Behind the lab coats

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As graduation day looms ever closer for final year students, Chemistry postdoc Jessica Breen tells LS Science what a career in research actually entails. What actually is a postdoc? Usually, a scientist will spend three to four years doing their PhD research and then, if they survive the process, they … Read More