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Mahalia Brings Her Raw Talent to Wardrobe, 15.10.18

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As Mahalia strutted out on stage in her light pink jumpsuit and black high top converse, you knew you were in for a treat; she appeared so cool and calm that you could not help but admire her. Then she burst into her popular track ‘No Pressure’ to warm up … Read More

A Match Made in Heaven – Review

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On October 12th, Mint Warehouse with Dirty Disco & Set One Twenty laid on a fantastic night, letting loose two electronic music legends, Floating Points and Mr. Scruff. Excitement for this one was high and queues were long with students eagerly awaiting in anticipation for the pair’s marathon, back-to-back, 6-hour-set. … Read More

R&B Singer-Songwriter Mahalia Comes to Leeds October 15th

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Mahalia Burkmar, originally from Leicestershire but now based in Birmingham, is a 20-year-old singer and songwriter who wrote her first song when she was around 8 years old, and was signed to a record label by 13. However, she didn’t release her first EP until 2012, called Head Space. It … Read More

An Insight Into Jeff Mills: The Techno ‘Wizard’

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Detroit laid the foundations for the techno culture we all love and appreciate in today’s clubbing scene. Take the time to thank and acknowledge the people who paved the way, with one notable character being Jeff Mills. Name: Jeff Mills Date of Birth: 18th June 1963 Birthplace: Detroit, Michigan, USA … Read More

Small Talk with Josh Bayat and Oliver Walkden

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Small Talk is a brand new night launching at Wire on Saturday 29th September. We spoke to creator Josh and Wire manager Oliver Walkden to learn more about it, and to find out what plans they have for the upcoming year… First of all, tell us a bit about the … Read More

Our Guide to the Best Freshers Night Out

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When first arriving in Leeds, the whispers and rumours about the greatness of the nightlife can be daunting, especially considering the wide range of choice. But Clubs editors Caris Dollard and James Dewar have made your life easier by giving you their top choices, along with an alternative for each … Read More

Canal Mills is Closing

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The infamous Leeds nightclub is saying goodbye and closing its doors at the end of the year. Due to a redevelopment, on 1st January 2019, Canal Mills will be hosting its final party for the residents of Leeds. And it will certainly be pulling out all the stops to mark … Read More

Monki & Friends at Church 24/03

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Not only was Monki and Friends the countdown to the end of term, but it was also another chance to go to Leeds’ funkiest venue, Church, which I personally was very excited about. The idea of the event set our expectations high as the set list was different from the … Read More

We Love Jungle Awards at Mint Warehouse

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Forget the Brit Awards and the MOBO’s, Leeds was blessed with hosting the We Love Jungle Awards at our very own Mint Warehouse. From the hallowed presence of General Levy to the constant voracious appreciation of perhaps Leeds’ favourite genre of music, it was a brilliantly organised affair. Even ignoring … Read More

Review – The Old Red Bus Station gets Triple Spooked

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It is a well known fact that one of the biggest decisions Leeds students must make every year is where to go out on Halloween. Despite the pressure, I’m very glad I chose to go to the Halloween Special by Triple Cooked. Triple Cooked managed to secure a late venue … Read More