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A cup of yoghurt a day, can help keep Cancer away

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Did you know that half of the cells you carry around in your body are not actually your own human cells, but those belonging to various kinds of bacteria? Around 30-40 trillion bacteria (yes that’s right, I said trillion) lead a happy life in various locations around your body, predominantly … Read More

Exploiting viruses: from cold sores to cancer cures

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Is it possible for us to exploit something that is potentially harmful to us, to alleviate something that might cause even greater harm? That is the big question for researchers in Leeds and around the world, currently working on oncolytic viruses. An oncolytic virus has certain characteristics that enable it … Read More

The little known Lacks legacy

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Henrietta Lacks is a name you might not recognise, but probably should. Thanks to Lacks’ cells, scientists have developed a polio vaccine, and done research into AIDS, radiation, toxic substances and gene mapping. They were also the first human cells to be successfully cloned. Lacks was never thanked for her … Read More

Science | Leeds excels in regenerative technologies

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Leeds Uni’s Biology department boasts a large scope of world-leading research, one such area is that of tissue engineering and more specifically, acellular tissue scaffold production. Our cells produce chemicals and proteins which make up physical networks between each other. This extra cellular matrix helps define the functions of our tissues and organs. If we remove the cells from … Read More