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EDAW: Visions of eating disorders in film and writing

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Every time that Eating Disorders Awareness Week comes around, I am amazed to find that is has been another year without the control of Anorexia/Bulimia. Perfectionism – and feeling like you will never reach the standards that you set for yourself – is a common underlying cause of eating disorders … Read More

Agony Aunt: making the most of second semester

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“I‘ve always wanted to make the most out of uni, but I‘m quite shy and never joined many societies. Now it’s second semester and I regret not being more involved, but it feels a bit late to make a change. Should I join a society halfway or wait until next … Read More

Dinner talk and eating disorders: make your loved ones feel more comfortable this Christmas

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Charlie talks eating disorders at Christmas, and how to be mindful of those around you who may be suffering.  The first thing to point out is that eating disorders – despite the title – are not solely about food. You can never tell if somebody has an eating disorder just … Read More

BBC3’s Overshadowed: Anorexia in a Different Light

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First performed as Eva O’Connell’s play two years ago, Overshadowed was released as a TV series on BBC Three earlier this month. Filmed in Leeds through Imogene’s daily vlogging check-ins, Kay Mellor’s piece offers a refreshingly new take on the trauma, confusion and obsession felt whilst developing Anorexia. The series … Read More

Anorexia in the modern day: halloween costumes, slogans, and the fallacy of self control

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Companies coming under fire for inappropriate clothing is nothing new. In 2011, the infamous Anna Rexia dress – possibly the world’s most distasteful Halloween costume – was removed from retailers, yet it still makes a comeback every year. In 2010, Urban Outfitters were forced to pull their ‘Eat Less’ t-shirt … Read More

Freshers & mental illness: a manageable mix

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When you have mental health problems, a week full of new people, different clubs and a lack of sleep can be overwhelming – especially when you are in a new city. But freshers – and university as a whole – can be whatever experience you want it to be. Here … Read More

NT Jane Eyre Review

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Charlie Collett reviews Sally Cookson’s Jane Eyre, which has returned to the stage following its successful tour with the National Theatre in 2015. Arriving at the REP theatre with my mum – who has studied Charlotte Brontë’s novel several times and owns no less than eight copies – I had … Read More

To The Bone: the troubling relationship between drastic weight loss and Anorexia

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*Trigger warning: this article discusses eating disorders* I’ve written a lot about eating disorders, body issues and mental illness over the past two years, but I’ve found it difficult to put my contradictory feelings about Netflix’s To The Bone into writing. There is always a sharp intake of breath in … Read More

Body neutrality: the way to body acceptance or a lack of self-love?

2 years ago / 1 comments

Body positivity has become a well-known phrase over the past few years; particularly within the eating disorder recovery community. In a nutshell, body positivity promotes unconditional self-love, and aims to soothe any racial, societal, or personal struggles with your body. As someone who has struggled with eating and body image, … Read More

You’ve recovered from an eating disorder… But what happens now?

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Eating disorders are damaging illnesses that can grasp away your happiness for long periods of time. For eating disorders awareness week, Charlie discusses the confusion you may feel once you have recovered from an eating disorder, and how to deal with conflicting feelings. You’ve reached out for support from your closest … Read More