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Squad goals: a look into competitive cheerleading

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When you hear ‘cheerleading’, what comes to mind? At this time, your response may be influenced by the rise in popularity of competitive cheerleading in recent years. The time of cheerleading being a side-line performance to encourage other sports teams is quickly receding into obscurity. In its place, a complex … Read More

GIAG Review: Cheerleading

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On Friday, the 30th September, the Leeds Celtics Cheerleaders hosted their Give it a Go for their Pom team in Cromer Terrace. The Pom team has participated in competitions countrywide, including in Sheffield and Birmingham last year. The Leeds Celtics even had the incredible opportunity to go to Germany earlier … Read More

Cheerleading and Feminism – Bring it on!

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Cheerleading started out in the 1800s as an activity exclusively for men. The Gryphon explores cheerleading becoming a female activity and discusses what this means for the modern-day cheerleader. For those of us that associate cheerleading with the nineties ‘Bring it On’ films, it can be hard to imagine a … Read More

Three cheers for Leeds Celtics

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Charlotte Tunnicliffe 1/3/2013 Future Cheer Leeds Celtics Cheerleading Future Cheer hosted the biggest University competition in Europe and on the February 24 both Leeds Celtics Cheerleading teams travelled to Loughborough to compete and represent Leeds University. The all girl team were to compete in the morning with co-ed following in … Read More