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Women in Cyberspace: “A double-edged sword”

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William Gibson, famous science fiction author, described the Internet as a ‘cyberspace’, in which anyone can assume any identity and venture into a life that is not limited by their own physical appearances; a virtual community that continues to grow and expand as people find new ways to live their … Read More

What Will China Look Like, Post ‘One Child Policy’?

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For many in the West, China’s one-child policy has come define the country. In this regard it is perhaps second only to the occupation of Tibet. As a response to a crisis, in this case one of overpopulation, it was as brutal as it was effective. With China increasingly conscious … Read More

Yulin Dog Meat Festival: What’s the big fuss?

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Today, Yulin anticipates its annual Dog Meat Eating Festival, where 10,000 dogs will be slaughtered and eaten. Since May, almost a quarter of a million tweets have been posted using the hashtag #StopYulin2015 while a petition has been started on Change.org insisting that the Chinese Government should halt the festival. … Read More

Photojournal | Shipping from campus to the East

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It is a quiet, sunny September morning and a full size shipping container is blocking the entrance to my house. A little over twenty men have gathered on a narrow campus road, forming a human chain into a ground floor bedroom next door. I look up into the rusting green … Read More

Alonso dominates in China

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Sam Heath 16/04/13 Chinese Grand Prix Fernando Alonso put the disappointment of early retirement in Malaysia to bed with a superb performance at the Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai last weekend. It was the 31st victory of the double world champion’s career which puts him fifth, level with Nigel Mansell, … Read More