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Will the UK Go Out of Fashion Post-Brexit?

2 months ago / 0 comments

Type in ‘Brexit’ to Google News and you get 78,000,000 results. That’s over 5 times more than news coverage on the NHS and around 78 times more results than the gender pay gap. Perhaps for this reason, Brexit articles became something I’d skip over. I was fed up of reading … Read More

Amazon Go: Supermarket Jobs vs. Artificial Intelligence

10 months ago / 0 comments

My first thought was, who do you ask when you can’t find the hummus? But on second thought, the benefits of a cashierless supermarket could potentially outweigh the costs; I’m yet to decide. On Monday, in downtown Seattle, Amazon opened its first artificial intelligence-powered Amazon Go store. Having faced technical … Read More

Is Our Economy Slowly Waving Goodbye to Cash?

12 months ago / 0 comments

This was a question which, in a recent interview, I was asked, and to say the least, I was stumped. Some people like carrying around money, some people don’t trust the banking system, the shadow economy… were all things I drew on in an attempt to give a reasonable answer. … Read More

Uber Special: an insight to the most eye-catching headline of the week

1 year ago / 0 comments

So what has grabbed British attention the most this week? Is it ISIS? Refugees? Donald Trump’s influence in UK politics. No. The potential loss of Uber on London’s streets, is in fact what has sent shockwaves throughout the nation. Approaching 800,000 signatures, the Save Your Uber In London petition has … Read More

A Game of Monopoly

2 years ago / 0 comments

“The London housing crisis” is no stranger to headlines. Less familiar is the phenomenon of ‘ghost’ homes and the game of monopoly creating them. Across London, 20,000 so-called ‘ghost homes’ sit, uninhabited. Across England, multiply that statistic by 10! 200,000 empty homes with a total value of £43bn were empty … Read More

The 2017 Spring Budget and What it Means For You

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68 pages long, carrying the proposed government spending and expenditure regarding all sectors of the economy, affecting all 65,511,098 people in the UK; The Spring Budget 2017. But how does it affect us? For starters, the UK economy is forecasted to grow by 2% in 2017 despite concerns that Brexit … Read More

Climbing the Property Ladder in the Capital

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Having risen in value at a much faster rate than across the rest of the UK and facing little volatility even in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, London property appears to remain a safe and reliable investment. Since 1998, house prices in London have risen by 533% on … Read More

Return of the Brick

2 years ago / 0 comments

As much as I hate to admit it, it appears that your Grandma’s ugly brick mobile phone you’ve been begging her to get rid of for years, may soon be more ‘in’ than your fresh IPhone 7. Having read about Donald Trump’s plans to implement anti-globalisation policies, watched the reboot … Read More

Care to Share?

2 years ago / 0 comments

Uber, Deliveroo and Airbnb are all names we hear of, see, and perhaps even use, daily. On average, each day 40,000 people rent accommodation using Airbnb and 5.5 million people catch an Uber. But imagining an economy where just about everything is temporarily ‘rented’ rather than owned, from cars to … Read More

Shining light onto the Shadow Economy

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(Photo from: blog.policyng.com) Net exports, investment, entrepreneurship, taxation, the housing market, the oil industry; all concepts which regularly feature in our newspapers headlines! However, despite having an estimated value of almost $10 trillion and employing half the workers of the world, business activities ranging from the likes of prostitution to babysitting … Read More