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‘Unprecedented Demand’ Left University Counselling Service ‘Booked Up’ From 7th November

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Freedom of Information [FoI] requests from the Leeds Student Medical Practice, reveal that University Counselling informed the practice that the service was booked up until the end of the term (8th December). Students were not told to stop accessing the service but advised of the waiting times. Previous FoI requests … Read More

Exec-tly What We Need

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The Student Exec are elected every year to represent your views and improve your student experience Jack Palmer – Union Affairs What is your role? My role is to chair our Board of Trustees and ensure that our money is being well spent in our building and services. I also work … Read More

LUU LEADERSHIP RACE: Domestic abuse involves students too

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Chloe Sparks is running for Welfare Officer, here are her views on why we need to place a bigger focus on domestic abuse on students. Many people assume that domestic abuse does not affect students, but this is far from the truth. It affects 1 in 4 women and 1 … Read More