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Foodie Gifts: Presto Choco-Nut Clusters

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Swamped with deadlines but still want to surprise Mum with something sweet for Mother’s Day? These chocolate-nut clusters are quick and easy to make and they never fail to impress! Only 3 simple ingredients needed. The sea salt is optional, but does provide a delightful contrast to the sweetness of the chocolate. Ingredients … Read More

Climate change consequences: the weird and the worrying

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Hotter summers, melting icecaps and more extreme weather are the symptoms of climate change that we are used to hearing about. However, there are a whole range of weird impacts that are likely to result from climate change. The following lists some of these, a lot of which will affect … Read More

The Best of Belgian Food

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When you think of food and drink in Belgium, things such as waffles, chocolate, mussels, frites and beer will probably spring to mind. Having returned from my year abroad, I can say with absolute certainty these sum up Belgian food and drink perfectly. #1. Waffles – Street vs Restaurant Which … Read More

Divine Chocolate Mousse Cakes

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Layering velvety mousse over rich, moist chocolate cake, there is no better way to indulge yourself this weekend. Ingredients Cake 3 large eggs 110g unsalted butter, diced 170g dark chocolate 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1⁄4 teaspoon cream of tartar 65g granulated white sugar Chocolate Mousse 90g chocolate (same warning as … Read More

Food | Fresh Slice – Chocolate Blackberry Cupcakes

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On a walk through your local wood at this time of year, you will find a glut of ripe, ready to be picked blackberries. Beyond pies and crumbles, what can be done with such a bounty of berries? Look no further. Combine creamy chocolate with a refreshing tang in these … Read More

Food | Chocolate Snickers Rocky Road

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As an enthusiast of the outdoors, I’ve found myself out in the wilderness on several occasions recently. Whether it’s been plodding my way to a race finish or up a mountain I’ve always known I can rely on my stash of Snickers bars to get me through. However, my love … Read More

Features | Valentine's Day – What's the harm?

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Valentine’s Day is great for romantic gestures but what are the consequences of this surge in consumer activity around the world? For most, Valentine’s is like any other day, it’s not a national holiday so there’s no day off and you have to put up with mushy couples all over … Read More

Blogs | “Baking Bad” – Made With Love And Incompetence

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‘Mega Chocolate Fudge Cake’. My whole house is finally reunited after the summer, so baking something for us all to enjoy seemed like a good idea. I found a simple looking recipe from my Jamie Oliver cookbook for a chocolate fudge cake and proceeded to make a mess of the … Read More

Alternative Easter Eggs: the eggsposé

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Nestlé’s offerings to combat the mighty Mini Egg are their MILKYBAR or SMARTIES adaptations. Why anyone would want to add a hard sugar shell coating to white chocolate is a mystery to me; so the former was a saccharine snarl up. The latter are a touch less lacklustre, but really … Read More