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Alex Jones: Trump’s terrifying new addition

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It seems we can’t go a week without everyone being scared half to death by news coming out of The White House. The latest news that will make you believe the apocalypse is almost upon us occurred late last week when it was reported by major media outlets that Alex … Read More

Blaming immigrants? What a total Hunt!

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Last week’s announcement from the government, that the NHS will now charge foreign patients upfront for non-emergency treatment, is the latest display of scapegoating immigrants for the problems the NHS faces by the Tories. NHS England finds itself with a £22bn ‘black hole’ in its budget for the next five … Read More

Trump is just a puppet, Bannon is the puppeteer

2 years ago / 55 comments

Who is Steve Bannon? Bannon isn’t a household name for the average Brit but he should be because Bannon is perhaps one of the most powerful men in the world. Bannon is the former editor of the alt-right ‘news’ site Breitbart News and now the White House’s Chief Strategist in … Read More

NHS privatisation? Don’t remember that being on the bus!

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Theresa May’s plan for leaving the single market has left us at the mercy of other countries, who will seek to exploit our markets and public services for their own gain, and yet we are powerless to prevent this because we need them more than they need us. The UK … Read More