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Natty to play Belgrave Music Hall, 27/11

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North London native Natty is known for his soulful reggae with classics like ‘July’ and ‘Bedroom eyes’. Off the back of supporting Ziggy Marley, Natty’s UK tour is now set to start. After Natty’s debut album, Man Like I in 2008, a much anticipated second album was released after a … Read More

dodie @ Leeds University Stylus, 28/10

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No word describes dodie’s gig better than wholesome. Not only in her performance, but the purity and engulfing sense of goodness that radiates from her and her fans was just awe inspiring. I felt like I was attending a family gathering of people who had never met, yet were anything … Read More

Losing my Bongo’s Bingo Virginity

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Bongo’s Bingo was something that I heard about from week one of Leeds. Throughout my first year, friends went and insisted it was one of the best nights they’d ever had. When I asked ‘why?’ the only answer I’d get was ‘you had to be there’. At the time it … Read More

Theresa May turns to actual plants for Brexit guidance

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The Prime Minister today has announced that she has hired a new set of advisers for Brexit negotiations, plants. Actual plants. With leaves. Seemingly another step in the plan to move away from ‘the experts’ Mrs. May has reached out to the plant world to give nuanced feedback on her … Read More

Government approves parents location chipping freshers

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The “freshers charter” bill was today given royal assent after becoming law last week. The bill will give parents and guardians the legal right to forcibly “chip” their university inbound sons and daughters to track their location. The bill comes after a petition that collected over 200,000 signatures prompted debate … Read More

Southern freshers given mandatory course on preventing cultural approporation of the North

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As fresh faced Southerners descend onto to Leeds filling their faces with Crispys, stare up at the Parkinson Building and soak in Northern culture, as well as the booze, they’ll have to attend a new mandatory course. For the first time since the university’s founding nearly two centuries ago undergrad … Read More

Hilary Benn speaks at Leeds University to support fossil fuel divestment

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Leeds University hosted the panel discussion on climate change and climate leadership, which focused on the rapidly growing Divest Parliament campaign, as well as efforts to divest in Leeds. This follows the announcement that over 50 MPs have signed a petition to remove fossil fuel investment from the parliamentary pensions fund. … Read More

Rare Chilean painting discovered in Terrace

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A 42-year-old artwork dedicated to Chilean refugees who fled the Pinochet regime has been uncovered during the Union upgrade. As a result, members of the Chilean community in Leeds contacted the Union chief executive, Aidan Grills, in order to seek his assurances that the valuable mural will be preserved. Gilberto … Read More

Underdog ousts Bouattia to clinch NUS presidency

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Shakira Martin took 56% of the three way vote yesterday and will now replace divisive one term president Malia Bouattia. Shakira Martin, aged 28, won the battle to represent students across the country  after  campaigning on a promise to heal a fractured student body. She pitched herself as the centrist … Read More