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Clegg Goes Through the Revolving Door

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Nick Clegg accepting a position at Facebook shouldn’t be viewed as an isolated anomaly, or even particularly noteworthy in its own right. It’s the coming together of two long-term trends in British politics: the unhealthy relationship between the media and state, and the so-called ‘revolving door’ between the parliament and … Read More

Campus Watch: University of Gary Neville

2 years ago / 0 comments

The ‘class of ‘92’ plan a sports-focused university. Gary Neville, the ex-Manchester United footballer turned TV commentator, is in talks to open a new university with brother Phil as well as Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes, also ex United players. The Manchester Evening News revealed that Neville has linked up … Read More

Comment | The views of Harrington-Smythe III

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Our in house misanthropes of  opposing political persuasions will be going head to head in bloody political duels. In the first of his columns, Cornelius Harrington-Smythe III offers his views on Ed Miliband. You should’ve seen it: me and the lads, laughing as we lowered a screaming socialist into a … Read More

Features | The truth about social class at uni

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We might think University is a blank slate where we can start afresh, but our upbringing and background count for more than you might think. LS investigates the thorny issue of class.   In a novel by the 19th century writer and politician Benjamin Disraeli, a working class radical warns … Read More

TV | The Dangers of Downton Abbey

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Christmas is a time for peace, love and difficult conversations with family about why you’re still single, or your decision to pursue a degree in the arts. Yet spare a thought for our friends the television writers who, every year, are placed under the immense pressure of producing a special, … Read More

Comment | Missing white female syndrome

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The name Madeleine McCann has exploded back onto our front pages in recent weeks, when the Metropolitan Police reopened her case over six years after her original disappearance.  Following last month’s carefully stage-managed appearance of her parents, Leicester medics Kate and Gerry McCann, on BBC Crimewatch, Britain’s media outlets have … Read More

News | University trials degrees by points

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The University is to trial a new grading system for degrees. At least 20 institutions, including six members of the Russell Group, will trial a new grade point average system, giving degree classifications a number to show how high or low the overall mark was. Universities involved in the trial … Read More