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Reptile Dysfuntion: Rising Temperature Turn Turtles Female

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Rising temperatures are leading to an increase in the proportion of female Green Sea Turtles (Chelonia mydas), recent studies show. Studies carried out on beaches of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia show that a striking 99% of a total 200,000 infant turtles on northern beaches are female. This is … Read More

Diesel Bans as Air Quality Standards Get Harder To Meet

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Climate change is not going away. Pollution is not abating. Harmful gas emissions are not decreasing. Within the European Union, road transport is responsible for about 20% of all CO2 emissions. That’s enough for us to be asking the question: what is being done about the gas emissions from road … Read More

The Deadly impact of hurricanes

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“One estimate states an astonishing $190 billion to repair the houses, infrastructure and the petrochemical plants around Houston. ” Over the summer, a stream of hurricanes have made their way through the Caribbean and contiguous US, causing devastation in their wake. These storms have given an unrelenting torrent of weather … Read More

Why the US withdrawal from the Paris Agreement is a disastrous decision

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As a resident of planet earth, the fact that US President Donald Trump has announced imminent withdrawal from the Paris Climate agreement is, quite frankly, terrifying. The agreement, reached in 2015, is the world’s first comprehensive climate agreement involving 195 countries and supported by 260 global corporations. A replacement for … Read More

The March for Science

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In protest to the Trump administration’s views on climate change, science policy and their continual exclusion of scientific evidence from policy decisions, scientists organised rallies and marches in over 600 cities around the world on April 22nd. Though this event was centred on the United States, the side-lining of scientific … Read More

Let’s make sustainability sexy

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New campaign to raise awareness of sustainability in Leeds uses Leonardo DiCaprio as mascot. The campaign asks the important question: “What Would Leo Do?” Leonardo DiCaprio has been picked as the mascot for a Leeds sustainability campaign as he is the UN ambassador for climate change. He recently made a … Read More

“This is one of the great challenges of our time, and I’d like to see students engaging in this”

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The Gryphon sat down with Professor William Gale, Director of the Centre for Integrated Energy research, to discuss the potential of a fossil free future. As our fossil based energy supplies dwindle and new alternatives begin to emerge amidst the backdrop of pressing climate change, Professor Gale tells us about … Read More

Donald Trump: who needs scientific rigour in a post-factual era?

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Like many who have been following American politics, I woke up to news that I thought would never happen on Wednesday 9th November – Donald Trump will be the 45th president of the United States. My amusement for this almost comedically bad candidate soon turned to abject horror. Now we’ve … Read More

Before the Flood

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‘Before the Flood’ is a documentary addressing the issues within climate change, produced by Leonardo DiCaprio with co-creator Fisher Stevens. Released on October 30th on the National Geographic channel, having spent 3 years in production. There was clear intent to highlight the urgency of climate change action before the presidential … Read More

“A Dream of a Low Carbon Future” – a novel way to talk about climate change?

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The current state of climate change looks, for lack of a better word, bleak. Considering the recent shifts in the political and social agenda, climate change is pretty much at the bottom of the list for a lot of western civilization, at least for the time being. The majority of … Read More