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COP21: The Climate Cards are dealt

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This year, on the 30th November, around 40,000 participants from leading nations will meet in Paris – a city known best for its culture and beauty – to instead discuss a rather ugly subject; global climate change. The hope is that, after 12 days of tense negotiations, world leaders will … Read More

Indonesian Slash and Burn: Fanning the Fire of Climate Change

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Slash and burn – a process to clear the ground for agriculture – is a common practice, undertaken in many countries across the globe. However this year in South East Asia, particularly Indonesia, the use of slash and burn has risen to an unprecedented high. Worryingly, this has resulted in … Read More

Climate change consequences: the weird and the worrying

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Hotter summers, melting icecaps and more extreme weather are the symptoms of climate change that we are used to hearing about. However, there are a whole range of weird impacts that are likely to result from climate change. The following lists some of these, a lot of which will affect … Read More

News | Uni invests thousands in oil shares

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The University has invested a total of over £1 million into oil companies. The University’s current holdings in BP and Shell are £1.032m and £278,000 respectively. A University spokesperson said: “We have held shares in these companies since at least December 2000 and any dividends received are allocated to the … Read More

Comment | COP-out for the Warsaw talks

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After the revelation that 90 companies have produced 63 per cent of the cumulative global emissions of industrial carbon dioxide and methane between 1751-2010, the role of corporations in the climate change debate was thrown into a new light. This could not have been more relevant than at the COP … Read More

Science | Research Round-Up part 1

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Current research at the University of Leeds proves crucial… There is far more going on at the university than we, as students, get the chance to perceive on a daily basis. Outside the lecture theatres in Roger Stevens or the student union on a Friday night we rarely find out … Read More

Comment | Energy companies vs. onesies

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As heating bills continue to rise and another frozen winter descends on Leeds, it’s worth noting how ridiculous the debate on energy policy has become at the national level. Common sense seems to have become a rarefied commodity over at the Department of Energy and Climate Change, and it seems … Read More

Science | Fracking – Energy miracle or environmental catastrophe?

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Much has been said about the controversial process of fracking for natural gas in recent months, particularly in light of the protests in the Sussex village of Balcolme. But what exactly is it and why is it so contentious? In the fracking process a vertical well is drilled to a … Read More

Science | Climate Change, latest report and worrying statistics released

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The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released its latest report last week, the fifth in a series that have been released periodically since 1992.   According to the latest evidence the IPCC concludes that there is a 95 per cent probability that changes to the climate seen since 1950 have been … Read More

Does what we eat affect climate change?

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The simple answer is yes! Our diets definitely do have a major impact on the environment and here is why. Emissions from agriculture account for 8% of total CO2 emissions in the UK, which may not sound like a great deal, however, most of the emissions from this sector are … Read More