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The Moral Crisis of Fast-Fashion

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Like most students moving into virtually unfurnished halls, the first chance I got I convened with my female housemates and we spent girl’s day out buying stuff. Our main objective was to beautify, cute-ify, sparkle-ify our drab surroundings. Our destination the bastion of all budgeters sniffing around for sweet bargains, … Read More

Students Supporting Local Leeds Vintage

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When it comes to vintage shops, everyone has an opinion. Whether you think they’re junkyards full of old rubbish or treasure troves of one-off pieces, there’s no denying that bargain hunting is back in style. Not only can you bag yourself a good deal, but vintage clothes also have a … Read More

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Must See Fashion Exhibitions in 2017

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Balenciaga: Shaping fashion Where: The Victoria & Albert Museum, London, UK When: May 27, 2017 to February 18, 2018 This exhibition showcases the work and legacy of Crisóbal Balenciaga, the influential Spanish couture designer, and includes over 100 of his pieces, as well as examining and featuring the work of … Read More

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Why getting dressed doesn’t have to be a nightmare!

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Long gone are the days when you could wake up fifteen minutes before school, throw on your uniform and run for the bus in a speedy manner. Sure, the constraints of uniforms are gone, but there is a new headache every morning: what to wear? Who doesn’t understand the perpetual … Read More

Shop til you swap

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Marks and Spencer has launched a new initiative on campus for recycling and donating clothes easier. ‘Shwopping’ will allow students and staff to donate unwanted clothing into new recycling boxes around campus called ‘Shwop Drops’. Working alongside Oxfam, M&S will then re-sell, re-use or recycle the donated clothing and raise … Read More