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Blue Planet II – Week 6: Coasts

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The focus of last week’s episode was the coastlines of oceans, coasts are the most dynamic habitats in the world. At the boundary between both land and sea, individuals must be adapted enough to be able to survive in the areas that are covered by water during the high tide … Read More

Coasts @ The Chapel 32/10/2017

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There’s an unrivalled electricity and intimacy in the tiny Chapel; the ‘them and us’ barrier crumbles and the sense that you’re all just in it for a good time is in the air. And, what a good time it was. Although the church venue may have lost its religious roots, … Read More

Coasts by Coasts

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My knowledge of pop-rock band Coasts up until now has led me to categorise them as one of those “up and coming” bands which you always see on promoted tweets and Facebook adverts; one of those bands that pushes so hard and relies heavily on the free marketing available via … Read More