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EXCLUSIVE: Union’s Inept Approach to Costing Mars Election Results

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Through joint research by The Gryphon and LSR, it has become clear that the union has failed to uphold their own rules in the recent Exec elections. In our role in holding the union to account, we have come across clear failings in the rules that dictate candidate spending. Firstly, … Read More

Exec-tly What We Need

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The Student Exec are elected every year to represent your views and improve your student experience Jack Palmer – Union Affairs What is your role? My role is to chair our Board of Trustees and ensure that our money is being well spent in our building and services. I also work … Read More

Free Community Shop for refugees to open in Hyde Park

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LUU’s Leave Leeds Tidy campaigners are working alongside the Leeds Community Project to provide free essential items to those in need this summer. Students are being encouraged to donate unwanted items to the Free Community Shop which will open on the 3rd and 6th of July at All Hallows Church. The … Read More

A local reaction with global effects

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Community. It’s something that I’ve been thinking a lot about recently. Its importance has been drilled into me by my grandparents, my old school and by the biographies of the great and the good. It’s something that matters to the rest of us too. We feel lost without it. And … Read More

LUU LEADERSHIP RACE: The Real Junk Food Project

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Ruth Wogan is running for Community Officer, here are her views on why the Real Junk Food Project is something LUU should be getting more involved in. When I started thinking about the issues I wanted to campaign on in my efforts to be elected as your Community Officer for next … Read More

LUU LEADERSHIP RACE: Community, community, community!

2 years ago / 0 comments

Mark is running to be Gryphon Editor, here are his views on (you guessed it) community! There’s a lot going on in Leeds and we’re incredibly lucky as students to be able to have so much to engage with with. However, this can sometimes be overlooked in the bubbles of … Read More

Edward Boyle cafe to be renamed following battle with Hyde Park Book Club

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The Leeds University has announced that they will change the name of the newly opened cafe in Edward Boyle library, The Book Club, following a dispute with local venue Hyde Park Book Club over the name. A University of Leeds spokesperson said: “The University is committed to helping create a supportive … Read More

New Edward Boyle café in name row with Hyde Park Book Club

2 years ago / 0 comments

The new cafe in the Edward Boyle library opened it’s doors to students for the first time this week, however it has attracted some controversy due to it’s name, The Book Club, which some are claiming undermines the branding of local venue Hyde Park Book Club. The new cafe in Edward … Read More

Community sports fight housing development plans in LS6

2 years ago / 668 comments

The future purpose of a site in LS6 is in dispute, with LS6 Community Sports – which sees a desperate need for a sports field – fighting against plans for housing developments. On the website of LS6 Community Sports, they suggest that “Leeds City Council Plans department gave permission for … Read More

Meet your new student exec

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Jack Palmer Union Affairs Which of your initiatives are you most excited about? Student engagement – that’s what I ran on and it’s still what I’m most excited about. I think when I ran, only 46% of students knew what the forums were and that’s not good enough. I want … Read More