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Sanctuary Scholarships Set to Launch

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The University of Leeds was recently pleased to announce that it will be offering Sanctuary Scholarships for forced migrants to the UK, in an effort to make a university education more accessible for asylum seekers and refugees. The scholarship, which applies to eligible students intending to complete an undergraduate, postgraduate or … Read More

Is Climate Change the Forgotten Factor in the Syrian War?

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Climate change is one of the factors that is shaping this world and can still have many unrealised effects on the planet, resulting in more widespread impact in human lives than originally thought. The effect of climate change in already volatile areas such as the Middle East and in countries … Read More

News | Students turn out for Syria

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On Friday Leeds students marked the third year anniversary of what has become one of the most devastating and bloody internal conflicts of recent history. A host of Leeds Union societies including LUU Save the Children, Friends of Syria from the Leeds University Union and LUU Oxfam joined together to … Read More

Comment | Syria? So last week…

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Last week Syria, this week Nigella’s marriage breakdown … Where and who will be in the headlines tomorrow? News stories come and go faster than we can process them. In fact, we are so inundated with news that we don’t know what to do with it. From the comfort of … Read More

News | Syrian students seek extra support

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Syrian students have voiced their dismay at the support being offered to them by the University and the Union. Despite Leeds waiving or deferring some tuition fees, they also need financial aid for accommodation. Privately funded students, also affected by the ongoing conflict in their country, have complained that they … Read More

LS1 Interviews: foodie and former war writer, Bruce Palling

6 years ago / 0 comments

Currently a prolific food and wine blogger and a columnist for the Wall St Journal, Bruce Palling doesn’t think it is a contradiction that he started his career writing about wars and conflicts. A failed student facing jail for refusing to fight in Vietnam, aged 21, he made his first … Read More

The Syrian crisis… on our doorstep

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Syrian students in the UK are facing hardship after their funding has been cut, leaving some with fears of expulsion or the possibility of returning to dangerous conditions in their home country. Charlotte Prince spoke to one student who is unable to return home, and explored the support provided for … Read More

Nobel Intentions?

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Contentious though it may be that the European Union has been awarded this year’s Nobel Peace Prize, it’s hardly a departure from precedent. That respected peace campaigners from Mahatma Gandhi to Václav Havel have been overlooked in favour of the likes of Henry Kissinger and Barack Obama led to its … Read More