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Underwear Is Not a Sign of Consent

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A 27-year-old man at the centre of a rape trial has been acquitted in Northern Ireland. The defence argued that because the 17-year-old girl he was accused of raping was wearing a lacy thong, she consented. Defence barrister, Elizabeth O’Connell SC said “You have to look at the way she … Read More

#MeToo – Does It Still Have Anything to Say One Year On?

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5th October 2018 marks the one-year anniversary since the first allegations of sexual misconduct by former American film producer Harvey Weinstein were published in the New York Times. The accusations thrust Hollywood into turmoil. In the aftermath of the Weinstein allegations, countless more prominent figures in both the entertainment and political … Read More

25% of freshers boycott York sexual consent talks

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A quarter of new students chose to walk out of York University’s first ever sexual consent talks after being handed flyers by an activist posing as a university official. Ben Froughi handed out flyers making clear that the sex talks were ‘non-compulsory’. Froughi argued: “Consent talks are patronising; if students … Read More

Sexual consent campaign gathers momentum in Leeds

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The Gryphon interviewed Amy Cousens about her sexual consent campaign. She is putting forward a proposal to the Leeds City Council to make it mandatory for all clubs and bars in Leeds to put up sexual consent posters, as well as giving staff sexual consent training. Firstly, could you tell me a … Read More

Consent: Learning that ‘no’ means ‘NO’

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**TRIGGER WARNING: rape, sexual assault** There has been significant debate this week over the recent controversy of consent classes being introduced to Russell Group Universities throughout the country. The classes were devised in order to reduce sexual harassment, whilst teaching students what does and does not constitute as consent. The … Read More

Science | Why vaccines are an absolute must

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The two interventions that have most decreased child mortality in the last 100 years have been clean sanitation and vaccination programmes. Clean sanitation is an expected standard of living in any developed nation however vaccination of children is optional. This freedom of choice jeopardises the individual’s health and all other children’s health … Read More