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TV | The Great British Bake Off

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It’s half time. If someone would be so kind as to pass around the candied oranges, let’s take a breather and reflect on what the first six weeks of the greatest in British Baking has given us. If there’s been one consistency of the Bake Off this year, it’s been … Read More

Books | Mary Berry's Cookery Course

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As we leave the chaos that is Freshers week, I imagine many hungover Freshers and ex-catered second years are facing a terrifying realisation: takeaways and cold baked beans will not sustain you for an entire year. It’s time to learn how to cook, and I know just the lady to … Read More

Food | Cupboard Essentials

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You’ve crash-landed into the mad house that will be your home for the next year and find yourself surrounded by equally giddy freshers itching to shake off their parents and lose their inhibitions just as quickly. All you want to do is get out and get on with the best … Read More