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Political Party Clash: Central for Corbyn?

2 years ago / 0 comments

MP for Leeds Central, Hilary Benn, has long been an opponent of the ever-popular Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn. Hilary Benn was one of the first casualties of Corbyn’s clean-up of his party, sacked as shadow foreign secretary and prompting a wave of MPs to resign in protest to Corbyn’s … Read More

Labour needs to get its head out of the clouds

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The Tories. They’ve been in power for six years now, implementing a deeply unpopular programme of austerity; making numerous miscalculations along the way on things like tax credits, junior doctors and corruption scandals; enduring a civil war over Europe that saw a spectacular blue-on-blue bloodbath which forced a humiliating leadership … Read More

The Left must confront its rampant anti-Semitism

3 years ago / 1 comments

Anti-Semitism has always been an issue that has run rampant amongst the hard-left for a long, long time. However, often the Labour Party has been free of such an ugly disease – yet recently many student Labour clubs have seen a sudden rise in anti-Semitic rhetoric, often deployed by members … Read More

In defence of decriminalising the sex industry

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Love him or hate him: this week Jeremy Corbyn was back, as usual throwing around ideas so outrageous that its clear he must have been drunk. Speaking at Goldsmiths University, Corbyn said he was ‘in favour of decriminalising the sex industry’, and the Labour party lost its shit. They rushed … Read More

Labour, there is no virtue in division, only unity

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One of the greatest lessons yet to be learned is that a political party, of any colour, has to be united to stand even the remotest chance of winning. Robert Webb’s and other former Labour Party members’ denouncement of Jeremy Corbyn will, I expect, cause far more harm than good. … Read More

Kneel or no kneel, the monarchy still doesn’t make sense

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After being sworn in to the privy council, the good old Murdoch rumour mill started churning and speculating as to whether or not Jeremy Corbyn, a lifelong republican, would be kneeling before the Queen and kissing her hand. Despite frequently invading on the Royals’ privacy and thereby defying the monarchs … Read More

Is Prime Minister’s Questions still relevant in British Politics?

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Yes:                                                                                                     … Read More

Corbyn: Labour’s route to identity?

4 years ago / 0 comments

Jeremy Corbyn, maverick MP for Islington North since 1983, has dominated headlines this week as private polls suggest he could surprise the bookies to emerge victorious in the Labour leadership contest. The already 5-time parliamentary Beard of the Year winner has garnered a sudden rush of political support, mainly because … Read More