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In Manchester and Leeds, are austerity measures leading to rising crime rates?

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Police cuts across the UK have been an increasingly discussed issue across the last year. It is one that has also become increasingly politicised with the Labour Party frequently attacking Tory austerity policies that have led to a 20% cut in funding between 2010 and 2017. Rising crime rates alongside … Read More

The Cohen Conundrum: Criminal Conspiracy or Partisan Politics?

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The President of the United States has been named as a co-conspirator to federal crimes. Not by tabloids or besmirched rivals, but in a court of law, as a plea accepted by prosecutors and delivered by previous personal lawyer Michael Cohen. It’s the kind of revelation that many have hoped … Read More

The Crime Behind The Bitcoin Craze

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A common and prolific criticism of cryptocurrencies is their vulnerability and susceptibility to cyber corruption. There is good reason behind this concern, too; just this week, Europol director Rob Wainwright pronounced that there has been a significant increase in cybercrime of this nature. He estimated that around 4% of all … Read More

Joint Enterprise: Law and Disorder in the UK

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In 2014, Alex Henry was convicted of murder by a law called ‘Joint Enterprise’. The basic premise of his case is as follows: Alex and his friend Cameron – whom he had befriended not long before the crime took place -  were walking home when they saw another of Alex’s ... Read More

London’s knife problem: The rise of violence on the capital’s streets

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Violent knife crime has risen shockingly in the past year, with offences in London up more than 34% since 2016. According to new data obtained by the BBC, knife crime is increasing nationally yet police are prosecuting fewer cases. These figures show the extent of the problem, with this ‘epidemic’ ... Read More

Lavinia Woodward – Unfairly Judged

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An Oxford student ‘too bright’ for prison is spared jail for stabbing boyfriend’. If you’ve been active on social media over the last couple of weeks, it likely you’ve seen at least one variant of this shocking piece of news. It’s a brilliant headline really – one simple sentence that … Read More


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A speech by Tory MP Amber Rudd last week announced a new – and long overdue – initiative, to try to rein in the acid attacks that have become endemic in London. The stipulations of the intended legislation would ban people carrying acid in public places “without good reason”, and … Read More

Vigil for lives lost to trans hate

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Students gather to commemorate those killed as a result of transphobic violence and hate. On Monday evening, a group of people (many drenched, some holding lanterns) filled the foyer of the University’s Union to take part in a minute’s silence to remember all of the trans people who have died … Read More

Neo-Nazi terrorist gets life for murder of MP Jo Cox

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Extreme right wing terrorist Thomas Mair has today been sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox, whom he shot and stabbed to death in Birstall, near Leeds, on the 16th of June. After a trial which lasted seven days, the jury took just one hour … Read More

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: National Hate Crime Awareness Week in the UK

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This week is National Hate Crime Awareness Week across the UK, a time to recognise this prominent societal issue and spark discussion about how it can be combated. Hate crime in the UK has become an increasingly prevalent issue this year in the wake of Brexit. Figures from the National … Read More