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Man arrested for Sainsbury’s robbery

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Police have arrested a man in connection with a robbery at Sainsbury’s in Hyde Park last weekend. The Gryphon understands the offender was carrying a knife when he stole mobile phones from customers at the store on Brudenell Road. The incident happened in the early hours of the morning between … Read More

UPDATE: Police release new image of Beeston rapist

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Police have released a new e-fit image of a man who raped and attempted to murder a woman in Leeds. The image was created by combining descriptions of the man from the victim and from a woman he stalked. The victim appeared on the BBC’s Crimewatch on Thursday to recount … Read More

Police investigate ‘vagina’ graffiti

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Police are appealing for information following a spate of distinctive graffiti drawings on campus which some students have suggested represents a vagina. Several drawings have been spotted in locations including the Edward Boyle library and further afield in Hyde Park since February. They are now being investigated as criminal damage. … Read More

Police investigate Hyde Park sexual assault

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Police have launched an investigation into an allegation of serious sexual assault near Hyde Park on Saturday night. The alleged incident happened at around 8.30 – 9.30pm close to the junction between Royal Park Road and Moorland Avenue. The victim has been named as a 43-year-old local woman. Detective Inspector … Read More

Does VIPER bite? Controversial police scheme targets students

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Concerns have been raised over a controversial police scheme which has been offering students in the Union a cash incentive for personal information. The company known as VIPER (Video Identification Parade Electronic Recording) has been operating in LUU for the past few days, giving students five pounds in exchange for a … Read More

Police appeal for info on Christmas Eve shooting

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Police are appealing for information after a man was seriously injured in a shooting in Burley on Christmas Eve. The 25-year-old man was left with serious abdominal injuries consistent with gunshot wounds in what police are calling a ‘targeted attack’ on Thornville Road on Wednesday. Officers are now trying to … Read More

Halo expansion would ‘intimidate’ students

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Halo nightclub has been criticised for plans to expand, with officials warning students using the 24-hour library next door would be ‘intimidated’ by clubbers. A planning application to extend opening hours from 3.30am to 6am, as well as adding two outdoor bars to the club, has been opposed by the … Read More

News | Students shocked by gas meter theft

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A house in Headingley has had its gas meter stolen, to the surprise of its residents. The meter, which controls the gas going into the property, was disconnected from the house and taken in the night on May 23. Without the meter the house had no access to gas, meaning neither … Read More

News | Rising thefts in Essentials

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Thefts from Essentials have doubled over the last three years. Since the 2009/2010 academic year, thefts have increased by 100 percent among student offenders and increased eight fold among non-student offenders. An Essentials staff member, who preferred to remain anonymous, said: “A lot of theft among young people is done … Read More

News | Youths burgle Hyde Park students

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People living in the Hyde Park area have admitted to feeling unsafe after another student house was burgled in the area. The burglary took place on Tuesday night at approximately 8.30pm. The student occupants of the house refused to hand over any items to the gang of youths who raided … Read More