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Rebellious Fashion: A History

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Over the year’s, fashion has played a major part in shaping and reflecting the social climate. From the flapper dresses of the 20s to the power suits of the 80s, clothes are a powerful weapon for challenging the norm. Style Editors Beatrice Rae and Ashleigh Stern take a look at … Read More

Leeds: Capital of Culture 2023?

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Undaunted by Brexit, an independent group has launched Leeds’ momentous bid for the European title. The Independent Steering Group has launched Leeds’ bid to become a European Capital of Culture by calling upon organisations and individuals to come together to submit their ideas to showcase the best of Leeds. “In … Read More

East meets West fashion show at the Chinese New Year gala 2017 – a cultural display of 100 years of fashion

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As part of the Chinese New Year celebrations that took place at the Leeds town hall on Friday night, designer Laura Henery’s ‘East meets West’ fashion show was a triumph in showcasing the evolution of both Chinese and European fashion from the last 100 years. The event was a collaboration … Read More

Magic Lantern Festival lights up Roundhay

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The Magic Lantern Festival  opens tonight in Leeds and is something you definitely do not want to miss this festive season. The festival trail consists of 40 giant handmade lantern displays made from 40,000 light bulbs all set to illuminate the Roundhay Park from the 25th of November until the … Read More

Trump’s New America, The Reality of the Election Result

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This week’s episode of Panorama focused on answering the question on all our minds: who voted for Trump? The sheer power of the media in influencing public opinion is astounding. The news is omnipresent; headlines, articles and interviews loom over our heads and infiltrate virtually every area of society. One … Read More

Was Zara’s ‘ungendered’ line a step back for androgynous fashion?

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In an ever increasing environment of ungendered fashion, with Jaden Smith becoming the face of Louis Vuitton’s women’s wear and high-end fashion labels Gucci and Prada featuring genderless fashion on the runway, the high street has weighed in. Earlier this year Zara released a new line of ungendered clothing, modelled … Read More

Androgyny and Fashion: a make-up, break-up relationship

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Androgyny is often identified as a new concept, but it has been a constant figure in fashion for decades, if not longer. Most recently the essence of the 90s is fully captured through the androdgynous grunge philosophy that allowed the youth’s rebellion against capitalism, social expectation and conformity. This modern … Read More

Library resources under threat

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Some departments could lose access to up to 86% of journals. A university bid to cut £120,000 from the library budget has led many online periodical subscriptions to come under threat. Subscriptions to periodicals are one of the library’s biggest expenditures, and many subscriptions are due to be scrapped under … Read More

New nightclub Church set to open its doors this Friday

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The Gryphon have two pairs of tickets to give away for the opening of brand new and exciting venue Church this Friday, featuring Circa Waves. To enter, simply like and share this post, and the winner will be announced on Friday evening. Opening the club on Friday 7th October  is … Read More

A Cultural Victory in New York City

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Amid the chaos of controversial hair at Marc Jacobs and Bella Hadid’s fall at Michael Kors, one figure came out of this New York fashion week making positive history. Designer Anniesa Hasibuan became not only the first Indonesian designer to showcase her work at the US shows, but also the … Read More