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Appropriation vs Appreciation; a fine line

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Where is the line drawn between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation in Marc Jacob’s and Ashish’s latest fashion shows? Marc Jacobs in New York: Appropriation  The incorporation of a variety of cultural influences is something which makes fashion as we know it so diverse and interesting. Whilst diverse cultures should and … Read More

Celebrating Halloween Culture

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The air has grown colder, and Halloween is upon us once again. One of the oldest holidays in the modern calendar, dating back as far as the Pagan times, it has reached global popularity. Bring on the pumpkins and trick-or-treaters, right? Perhaps not; your associations with the 31st October may … Read More

Features | Pulling up the curtain: Behind the scenes of the Edinburgh Festival

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By Ruby Lott-Lavigna and Brigitte Phillips Photo Credit: Toby Mather The Edinburgh Festival is one of the most important cultural events in the United Kingdom, a behemoth that almost completely takes over the city for the month of August, and features some of the biggest names in entertainment. However, what … Read More

TV | Freeview Flicks of the week – Star Trek, The Raid and Ghostbusters

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Our weekly LSi best freeview flicks picks are here! This week we take a trip on the USS Enterprise, kick some arse and call up the ghost busters! MONDAY – Star Trek (Film4 21:00) In 2009, the very talented J.J.Abrams did something very remarkable; he made Star Trek, a franchise … Read More

Comment | Our miserable capital isn't the answer

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I think it is fairly common knowledge that the north is better than the south. Oh, hark at the swathe of southern flavoured indignation that ripples mildly around the room! Yeah, at producing professional dossers, the soused gentleman draped in the Arsenal flag bellows! Or teenage pregnancies, proffers the aristocratic … Read More

Blogs | Salvo's, via Memory Lane

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It is often said that during austerity, we have a habit of looking backwards towards more familiar, comfortable times. The human race have been doing it forever, and sometimes we call it Romanticism. Born out of the uncertainty of the industrial revolution, the romantic movement sparked a shift towards the … Read More

Features | World Unite Festival – Celebrating multiculturalism in Leeds

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With the Union’s “World Unite Festival” once again proving a hit, LS takes a look at how it encouraged us all to embrace multiculturalism in Leeds. When I first moved to Leeds, it surprised me to hear people talk about how multicultural they found it. Being half English, half Greek … Read More

Art | D&AD: a design for life.

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Image courtesy of TASCHEN D&AD is an originally British and now wholly international organisation that rewards commercial creativity, the self-titled Nobel Prize of the creative industries. Their yearly annuals bring together the work of those who have been awarded their coveted Yellow Pencil, and a lucky few who have won … Read More

Comment | Why we need Jennifer Lawrence

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The second instalment in the hugely popular Hunger Games trilogy ‘Catching Fire’ is out in cinemas at the moment. I for one will most definitely be taking advantage of Orange Wednesdays to go see it, but not just for Liam Hemsworth’s face. One of the main reasons why I am … Read More

Comment | Hull – deserving champions

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I’m sure everybody has heard that Hull is to be named UK city of culture 2017, and many of you will have ridiculed the idea. However, how many of those who laugh at Hull winning have ever even visited, let alone lived in Hull? Hull has a bad reputation as … Read More