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Phoenix Dance Theatre Review

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Phoenix Dance Theatre is a key company for contemporary dance in the North, a Leeds-founded organisation that I truly believe more students should know about and enjoy. I got the pleasure of seeing their home showcase at the Stanley and Audrey Burton Theatre, an annual event that brings together their … Read More

Will Young is back onstage in the Grand Theatre’s Cabaret

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Cabaret is a difficult show to get right, especially now, when it seems so eerily prescient. The balance between subversive enough to press the point and tame enough for the regular theatre-goer is fraught, the line between satirising and trivialising the enemy difficult to parse. For the most part, this … Read More

Opening night – LUU’s ‘Once Upon a Dance’

2 years ago / 0 comments

LUU’s annual dance show is a chance for Leeds’ numerous dance societies to come together, to showcase their undeniable talents, and to tell a story through dance. The night has been billed as one of ‘fairytale and wonder’, and with months of hard work put in (and countless degrees neglected) … Read More

‘Ballet Black’ review – striking and intimate

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Ballet Black’s 2016 triple bill at the Stanley and Audrey Burton Theatre in Leeds is a sparkling performance that thoroughly deserves its standing ovation. Whether it is the overall elegance of the dancers or the hypnotic way in which they move, Ballet Black have their audience absolutely mesmerised. The first … Read More

Phoenix Dance Theatre: Thrilling Contemporary Dance

3 years ago / 0 comments

There aren’t many contemporary dance companies outside of London who make it to thirty-five years. So, it’s with some credibility that Phoenix Dance Theatre can claim to be ‘the national contemporary dance company of the north’, and celebrate their thirty-fifth year in style with a triple bill, running for three … Read More

In The Spotlight: Belly Dance Society

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This week, The Gryphon speak to Mel, the belly dance instructor for the society, who explains that despite people’s misconceptions about the dance form, belly dancing is more than just shaking hips. LUU’s Leeds Belly Dance society provides members with the opportunity to become masters of the traditionally North African … Read More

Swing Society GIAG: Get yourself into the swing of things!

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Ever dreamed of partying it up, Great Gatsby style? Swing Society has it sorted! Say the word ‘swing’ and most people will think of the music genre. Swing music has been around since the late 1920s, and is known for its strong, syncopated rhythm and jazzy feel. Beginning on the dance … Read More

Dance Exposé: Exposed

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What happens when you put contemporary, commercial, ballet and break-dancers together in one society? Although the initial response might be “chaos”, Dance Exposé, an eclectic dance society that combines all forms of dance, has changed my verdict to “awesome”. I was given the chance to see the society’s ‘Exposed’ showcase, … Read More

Weekly Chart – フローラさん’s Picks

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Takuya Matsumoto – Vanishing in the Sand Described as ‘the elusive Japanese groove king’, Takuya Matsumoto’s releases are few and far between, but absolutely worth the wait. Matsumoto had a new EP, ‘Assembly’ released on October 9th on which this is the concluding track. This tune steadily builds layer upon layer, … Read More

Preview: JOHN at the West Yorkshire Playhouse

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DV8’s latest production, JOHN arrives the West Yorkshire playhouse 22-24th October. Renowned for their powerful work and influence within physical theatre, DV8 are back with a hard-hitting and thought-provoking new work. Creator, Lloyd Newson sent a team of interviewers to ask 50 men frank questions on love and sex. Their answers … Read More