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Animals or Attenborough?

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This year marks the 90th birthday of the Nation’s Granddad, David Attenborough, so it seems like the perfect time to reflect on all his fabulousness. Everybody loves a good nature documentary, but the real question is why; what exactly is it that makes us drop everything to stare at a … Read More

David Attenborough brings us the thrill of The Hunt

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The Hunt is a brand new BBC One natural history series, produced by the team behind Planet Earth and Africa, that looks at the relationship between predators and prey. Narrated by David Attenborough, the first episode foreshadowed that this series will be just as remarkable as the team’s previous endeavours. … Read More

TV | Louis Theroux's LA Stories

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Louis Theroux’s work has taken him around the globe but it is his interest in the weird and wonderful subcultures of American society that has truly defined his career. In the past Theroux has always been an Englishman abroad, peeking into a world that seems to perplex him as much … Read More

Photography | Doug Allan – Attenborough's Man Behind the Camera

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Photo: Doug Allan Doug Allan is stood on stage wearing a shark t-shirt and welcoming the audience to the final date on his tour. He has filmed in the most far flung corners of the earth and seen some of the rarest sights known to man. But here he is, … Read More

TV: Attenborough’s Africa

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  David Attenborough has travelled a lot hasn’t he? He’s been to every corner of the world to document nature at its most diverse, eclectic and voluptuous. It seems the only way to cap-off an astonishing six decades of ground-breaking television broadcasting would be a trip to the moon. Attenborough … Read More