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Icons Only: The Most Memorable Styles on Stage

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Move over Ed Sheeran, jeans just don’t cut it. Lydia Flack looks at some of the most iconic styles ever to grace the big stage. Beyoncé No this is not a look from the 2018 MET Gala, Beyoncé just does this. Emphasising her pregnancy glow with enough gold and jewels … Read More

Top 10 Record Store Day 2018 Must-Have’s

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Independent Record Store Day is right around the corner and the selection of great vinyl is mind-numbingly large. It can be hard to navigate such an eclectic and vast amount of records so I’ve put together my top 10 must-grabs of Record Store Day 2018 Car Seat Headrest – Twin … Read More

LGBTQ+ Music Icons: Past and Present

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The world of music would be both very different and much less interesting without the numerous contributions from members of the LGBTQ+ community. Coinciding with LGBTQ+ history month, here are some highly celebrated artists,  both old and new. Freddie Mercury A talented musician and performer, Freddie Mercury will always be … Read More

The 5 Essential Bowie Albums

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If you don’t know who the late and great David Bowie was, you’re one of the lucky few whose heart wasn’t torn out on the 10th of January 2016. Due to his illustrious career, there aren’t many who don’t at least know his name. More than just his music he … Read More

The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust: Bowie and the Alter-Ego

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Like in all areas of the arts, success in the music industry more often than not brings with it a certain ‘celebrity’ status. The general public, nosy creatures that we are, are quick to obsess over the people behind the voices that we hear on the radio. We press labels … Read More

Let’s Dance: The Perfect Bowie Songs to Fit Your Mood

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Music holds the capacity to articulate the indescribable. Whatever the thought, feeling or emotion, there’s always that one song that perfectly matches how you feel right now. David Bowie does this like no one else. His eclectic discography exceeds boundaries and encapsulates just about any emotion you could feel. To … Read More

Twin Peaks Episode 14 Review and Analysis: An ode to David Bowie

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What. A. Dream. When Twin Peaks decides to make an impact, it comes hurtling at us in full force. This was an episode that shows the series’ skill in placing us within a shroud of smoke, meaning that even the most basic facts become disorientating. How did we never link … Read More

12 Record Store Day releases you need on your shelves right now

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Whether you’re on Elton John’s side who recently said that ‘vinyl just sounds better’, or you are one of the thousands of people who are shunning the digital revolution in favour of the 12 inch, one thing brings vinyl lovers together: Record Store Day. The event, that is taking place on … Read More

Bowie’s Blackstar: a closeted LGBTQ superstar

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Most music fans are no doubt already familiar with David Bowie’s pioneering stage personas and continual reinvention. More dedicated followers will be well versed in how these traits encouraged fearless self-expression and pride throughout the LGBTQ* community. But relatively few Bowie lovers will be aware of how the icon incorporated … Read More

The Starman, The Prince and The Last Christmas

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2016 saw the world lose some of the greatest LGBTQ+ icons of all time. David Bowie, Prince and George Michael all crafted a legacy that incorporates much more than just their musical achievements: they were all revolutionary in challenging how we perceive concepts of sexuality and gender. There is no … Read More