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8 Ways To Tell Politicians To Go F**k Themselves (And 1 Reason Politicians Should Never Use Music)

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As the results of the US election loom closer and closer, it’s a good time to remind ourselves that music can often serve as a big middle finger to the establishment. These are the best ways in which musicians have outsmarted politicians, and if you’re a budding musician yourself, consider … Read More

Gay rights or party politics?

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“I don’t support gay marriage in spite of being a Conservative. I support gay marriage because I am a Conservative”. With those words at a Conservative conference in 2011, David Cameron (remember him?) set Britain on a course towards being a country where marriage would no longer be denied to … Read More

In reply to The Telegraph: David Cameron is not caught in a 'wealth trap'

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Recently, the Telegraph made a claim that David Cameron is caught in a ‘wealth trap’. It only needs one sentence to perfectly capture what angle the Telegraph was going for: “You often hear of people being “trapped in poverty”, but it is also possible to be trapped in wealth.” So … Read More

Why Cameron thinks sex education does not need to be mandatory is beyond me

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In another startling display of his total disconnect from reality, David Cameron recently decided not to make sex education mandatory for all schools. Despite a number of women within his own cabinet, as well as “four parliamentary select committees, five teaching unions, the Children’s commissioner, the Chief Medical Officer, the Association of … Read More

The Big Picture: Syria Vote

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What happened? The UK has extended airstrikes to Syria after the House of Commons passed a government motion authorising action against Islamic State in Syria by 397 to 223. It was a comfortable win for Cameron, with 66 Labour MPs supporting the motion and helping the government to a majority … Read More

The disturbing mind-set of government

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When people say, as they often do these days, that politicians are out of touch, they tend to mean that they are ignorant of popular opinion or culture. Recent events have brought to light the far more frightening prospect that the Prime Minister is out of touch with reality itself. … Read More

Hazed and Confused

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Following shocking allegations involving Prime Minister David Cameron and a pig, The Gryphon explores society initiations and the long-lasting implications they can have. Initiation rituals are usually a rite of passage and have been around for centuries occurring all over the world. These ceremonies, starting in tribes, have formed the very … Read More

Fracking frack the frack off, you frackers

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David Cameron has got a fight on his hands. It is no secret that he avidly supports fracking in the UK and has even said he will risk party politics to make sure fracking happens. The most recent push saw Cameron’s government renege on agreements for environmental protections, enforced by … Read More

Cameron ‘pushed’ by Leeds protestor

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David Cameron has been rushed into a waiting car after a member of the public collided with the Prime Minister, according to reports. The man confronted the Conservative party leader, outside of Leeds Civic Hall, and was immediately apprehended by security officers. Police were said to step in after the incident occurred, which … Read More

TV | In The Flesh – Far more than 'just another zombie programme'

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Although the concept of BBC3’s complex zombie drama, In The Flesh, might seem a bit far-fetched, the compelling story and subtle allusions to contemporary social issues make this not ‘just another zombie programme’. The show, now in its second series, explores the tensions that surface when sufferers of Partially Deceased … Read More