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Justice League: aims high but hits studio interference

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The path to a live action Justice League adaptation has been long, rocky and uneven. From starting production with director Zack Snyder, to bringing Joss Whedon on to do rewrites and reshoots after the untimely death of Snyder’s daughter, these troublesome issues are only a small bump in the road … Read More

The Battle of the Titans: Marvel and DC’s Cinematic Universe

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With the release of ‘Justice League’, DC’s plan for an expansive cinematic universe has been set in motion. But how do their films compare to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and what makes them so different? Marvel and DC Entertainment are two powerhouse franchises that always seem to be placed in … Read More

Review: Powerless, With No Power Comes No Originality

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DC’s attempt at breathing some comedy into its universe falls somewhat flat, with hollow humour, hollow characters, and a hollow story. The premise of DC’s latest TV series Powerless sounds interesting enough: it promised superheroes being held accountable for their actions, painted a picture of city streets rampant with villains, … Read More

Film | Both Marvel and DC step forward with big reveals about their future films

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Well, it’s a good week to be a superhero fan. We’ve had so much news in the past two days from both Marvel and DC it’s hard to know where to begin. On Tuesday it was reported by Variety that Robert Downey Jnr is on the verge of signing a … Read More

Books | The Changing Face of Comic Books

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The comic book industry is a strange one. It’s dominated almost entirely by two companies -Marvel and DC – and as such, it’s perhaps the only entertainment industry that has managed to exclude, overlook or misrepresent entire groups of people for years. So when I found out the new Ms … Read More

Film | The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – Garfield and Stone's on-screen chemistry saves the day

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Video: Marvel Enterprises In the complicated world of comic book superheroes, Spider-Man, a Marvel creation, starts  his journey off in very much the same way we saw in the first film in this franchise, and in the 2002 adaptation. Later on, he joins the Avengers, but he didn’t appear in … Read More

EdBookFest | Neil Gaiman on ‘Sandman’

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EdBookFest | Neil Gaiman on ‘Sandman’ When Neil Gaiman was a young man, he discovered that comic books were banned at his school. Considering them as valid as any ‘high’ art form Gaiman took his teacher aside and demanded to know why such authoritarian rules existed. ‘Well, it’s very simple … Read More