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The mental health of NHS workers is in jeopardy: the Conservative government should learn from Germany about how to treat doctors and nurses properly

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It’s no secret that the NHS is in crisis. Chronically underfunded by the current Conservative administration, in 2017 NHS Funding stated that it would need £30 billion to plug the funding gap. The response of Simon Stevens, CEO of NHS England, was to provide a measly sum of £8 billion. … Read More

The Gryphon asks: Are the airstrikes in Syria the right decision?

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YES: In defence of airstrikes for human rights This weekend’s bombing of Syria undertaken in response to chemical weapons attacks in Douma has been met with raucous condemnation, as many fear that the targeted air strikes by the USA, UK and France may escalate the delicate situation that has engulfed … Read More

Question Time Looking For Under 30s In Leeds

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The popular BBC debate show, Question Time, is returning to Leeds for the first time since 2015. Due to be filmed on Thursday, March 22, at the Headingley Campus of Leeds Beckett University, the episode will be the first since a General Election special featuring David Cameron, Ed Miliband and … Read More

National Security or Secure Privacy?

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Battles between Microsoft and the U.S. department of Justice are no stranger to headlines. And the latest spat between the two over accessing customer emails is also not a new debate. On the one side, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella claims that eroding customer trust due to confusing data privacy laws … Read More

Moving Towards An Independent Yorkshire?

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Following the election of ‘metro-mayors’ earlier this year for the regions of Greater Manchester, Liverpool City, Tees Valley and further afield in the West Midlands, West of England and Cambridgeshire, a majority of council leaders in the Yorkshire area are pushing for a similar position in God’s Own County.  17 … Read More

To Stream or Not to Stream?

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Everybody knows that at this point, the TV is dead. Nobody opens up the paper and checks to see what time Bargain Hunt is on, except for pensioner’s maybe. These days TV is just watched on streaming sites, those few programmes people watched can be found in both the legal … Read More

Debate: Are too many people going to university?

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YES Possessing a university degree is no longer special. It seems that everyone and their dog has a degree. Thanks to Tony Blair’s goal of insisting that 50% of school-leavers go to university, we have come to the point where being a graduate does not necessarily confer enhanced job prospects. … Read More

May we debate you, Prime Minister?

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Within hours of the announcement of a snap general election, Downing Street was reporting the Prime Minister would not be appearing in any televised debate with the opposition during the election campaign. For many, this represents blatant disregard for our democracy, as it portrays Theresa May “insulting the people of … Read More

The Gryphon asks: are TV debates between politicians worthwhile?

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No – Michael Everitt In this day and age, there is a glut of information, readily available, on every conceivable subject. A quick Google search can satisfy your curiosity regarding the dietary habits of penguins/athletes/Kardashians (delete as appropriate). Social media and 24hr news channels are competing with each other to … Read More

The Gryphon asks: should a country ever introduce conscription?

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Yes – Kane Emmerson Last week it was announced that Sweden has reintroduced conscription amidst rising tensions in the Baltic and a fall in recruitment numbers. It joins Estonia, Finland, Norway and Austria in requiring some military service from young people. Whilst Sweden’s choice was decided by a perceived threat … Read More