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McDonalds delivery is coming to the UK

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Paul Pomroy, the McDonald’s UK Chief Executive, announced that the company will be trialling a delivery service for the first time in June for selected cities across the country.   Speaking to Sky News, Pomroy said that it’s obvious that customers “want McDonalds to look at delivery”. In the interview, … Read More

Riders protest against Deliveroo mistreatment of workers

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Last week, cyclists took to Leeds City Square and protested against the mistreatment of workers by the takeaway delivery app, Deliveroo. The demo, dubbed “The Roosistance”, involved Deliveroo employees, trade union members and supporters protesting against the sacking of several local couriers when union involvement was discovered. The company has … Read More

Bevy: The beverage butler we’ve all been dreaming off

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(Photo from www.Bevy.com ) The hunger-saving, Nandos-bearing Deliveroo cyclists are a phenomenon of the past. Think more Deliverbooze, and you’ll have the new start-up company Bevy. The latest success story app allows you to re-stock on alcohol by ordering on your phone from a network of off licences, just when … Read More