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Is Mandela’s Dream Dead?

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“I DREAM OF AN AFRICA WHICH IS IN PEACE WITH ITSELF” – NELSON MANDELA The African National Congress (ANC) has long fought for a unified and democratic South Africa. It was formed in 1912 as a response to institutional racism in the exclusively white South African government. Before its ban … Read More

The Dangerous Disdain For Tories

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Honk if you hate the Tories! #toryscum #Leeds pic.twitter.com/eRzDjhsr— Swss LeedsUni (@SwssLeedsUni) February 24, 2012 In order to develop we need to have our ideas challenged. Over the past few months, I have seen a trend forming amongst the politically active youth, whether it be through Facebook, Instagram or conversations ... Read More

National Security or Secure Privacy?

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Battles between Microsoft and the U.S. department of Justice are no stranger to headlines. On the one side, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella claims that eroding customer trust due to confusing data privacy laws can spell disaster for not only his own company, but the technology industry as a whole. Whilst … Read More

50 Shades of confusion – Article 50

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Following the Brexit judgement last June, there has been much speculation surrounding the mechanics of the UK exiting the European Union and the impact this will have on UK business. Even now, over sixth months after the EU referendum, the UK’s exit strategy is unclear and the media confusion surrounding … Read More

What Piers Morgan’s version of democracy tells us about its importance

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Donald Trump was elected as President of the United States in November 2016 with a slim majority; numerous allegations were made against him, both personal and political. Theresa May was appointed as British Prime Minister post-Brexit in July 2016; half a year of campaigning to remain in the EU crumbled … Read More

A Fairer LUU: Campus votes ‘yes’

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Students have voted to give more coverage to The Gryphon’s editorial candidates after a campus referendum this week. A majority 1,232 ‘yes’ votes means that students running to become Editor-in-Chief will be entitled to equal coverage with Exec candidates in the Leadership Race. Over 1,500 votes were cast in the … Read More

LUU and the Leadership Farce

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It’s started. From now until Easter a plague will sweep Leeds. Not content with containing itself within The Union, or even campus, it will seep into the rest of Leeds, infest Hyde Park, and even cement itself inescapably within your home via social media. I’m talking about The Leadership Race. … Read More

UPDATED: Students stage Union protest in solidarity with Hong Kong Occupiers

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Dozens of students stood in protest on the Union courtyard this afternoon in solidarity with the pro-democracy protests currently taking place in Hong Kong. The action started at 1pm and coincided with China’s national day, and saw a crowd of students stand in line holding umbrellas and displaying large banners. … Read More

Comment | There's nothing dubious about democracy

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As a former Chair of Leeds Labour Club, I read the article on our supposed “dubious tactics” with great interest. Last year, under my tenure as Chair of Leeds Labour Club, we were described by the BBC as “the Labour Machine.”  A reference which we have adopted in a very tongue-in-cheek … Read More

News | Leadership Race Results are in

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The new LS Editor and Exec have been voted in, receiving a collective total of 10, 250 votes. The first result of the night saw Jasmine Andersson pip Max Bruges to the post for the role of LS Editor. Gemma Turner beat Freya Potter for Equality and Diversity, with Noha … Read More