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Why hygge is no longer ‘hygge’

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It’s the concept everyone seems to have jumped on this year, whether it’s publishers, journalists, or just the general public. Lauren explains why the commercialisation of hygge is ultimately taking the meaning out of it.  All the way back in issue three of In The Middle, I wrote about the … Read More

How to live the ‘Hygge’ Life

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Last week for In the Middle, I wrote about how to deal with the stresses of university life, discussing ways to relax and just taking time to do the things you love. This got me thinking back to my summer abroad course in Denmark that I completed a couple of … Read More

What Denmark’s Jewellery Bill Says About Us.

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Last week, the Danish government passed a highly controversial bill with 81 votes to 27, requiring asylum seekers to hand over any cash or valuables worth an excess of 10,000 kroner (£1000) before crossing the Danish border. Although it does specify that watches, mobile phones, and similar items necessary for … Read More

“My home country lost its innocence”: reflections on the Danish terror attacks

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On Valentine’s Day, my home country of Denmark lost its innocence. A lone gunman fired an automatic weapon into the crowd of an event about freedom of speech. A 55 year old civilian died and three police officers were injured. The same gunman escaped the scene and later in the … Read More

Travel | 24 Hours in Copenhagen

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Copenhagen is Scandinavia’s most fantastic city, and here’s In the Middle’s guide to exploring it in just 24 hours. 9.00am: Breakfast at Grød (Jægersborggade 50) Porridge of every variety, with Icelandic yogurt, fresh fruit, and crème de leche. Its location in the heart of the edgy district of Nørrebro provides a fresh perspective … Read More

Sport | England vs Denmark | Young-guns to prove their worth

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England’s World Cup preparations begin on Wednesday night as Denmark return to Wembley for the first time in twenty years. The game marks the Three Lions’ first outing since the draw for the tournament was announced in December, and is England’s penultimate game on home soil before the squad jet off to Miami … Read More

Debate | Is Denmark right to ban religious slaughtering?

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Last week, Denmark’s government banned the religious slaughter of animals for the production of halal and kosher meat stating that “animal welfare takes precedence over religion”. Although supported by animal welfare activists, this move has been labelled as “anti-Semitic” by Jewish leaders and “a clear interference in religious freedom” by … Read More

Theatre | Interview with Ole Brekke, Co-Founder of Copenhagen's Commedia School

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“Watching students discover their own ecstatic joy of playing is the key ingredient of my life”   With a flux of Nordic noir drama, Ben Meagher, a third-year art-history student spending the year in Copenhagen, catches up with Ole Brekker, the founder of Copenhagen’s Commedia School, to talk clowns, politics … Read More