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The struggles of depression at university

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No matter the state of your mental health, arriving at university for the first time is one of the scariest, most overwhelming experiences that a young person can be subjected to. Leaving behind your friends, family and familiar home comforts brings with it a massive upheaval – and there’s no … Read More

Comment | Reflections on Robin Williams

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Reflections on Robin Williams’ recent death have been widely broadcast and varied in their sympathy. This is often the case for opinions on mental health in general.If one positive can even be suggested to come out of such a tragic event, it could be at least that the historically taboo … Read More

Since when was mental health fashionable?

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Statistically, we are all likely to either fall victim to, or have someone close to us develop a mental health disorder. In fact, one in four of us will foster a mental health disorder at some point in our lives, thus making it an issue demanding of sensitivity and understanding. … Read More

Comment | Hyde Park ad – Shock advertising should be challenged

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If, like me, you didn’t know about Red’s True BBQ until this week, you’ll have seen their latest shock marketing campaign to stir social media. The company have launched an ad mocking vegetarianism using a design not unlike those advertising mental health or domestic abuse helplines. Coming at the end … Read More

Theatre | But Then There Was Ella – MA Student's play debuts at stage@leeds

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But Then There Was Ella, a LUU Open Theatre production, debuted in Stage One in stage@leeds. Written and directed by MA Student Jess Macdonald, Ella beautifully and expertly captures the failures in the human condition, tackling big issues and bringing them sensitively to the forefront.  With compelling performances, powerful dialogue and … Read More

Comment | Mental health – how to support your friends

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When someone ‘comes out’ as a person with a mental health problem, the emotional toll is not limited to them. The news can elicit a wide range of emotions in their friends and family, from sadness to disbelief, to relief that everything is out in the open. If someone close … Read More

Comment | Smash mental health taboos on campus

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Last week, campuses across the UK celebrated University Mental Health Day. While it’s always promising to see nation-wide efforts to stimulate positive discussion around mental health, it’s especially important that progress is made when reaching out to students. No matter where you go to university, mental health is all too often … Read More

Science | ‘Thinking’ guts influence thoughts

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Termed the ‘second brain’, our bodies have a completely separate nervous system, which carries 500 million neurons and stretches to nine meters, from oesophagus to anus. Historically thought to be for controlling digestion, the enteric nervous system (ENS), is now being associated with an influential role in physical and mental … Read More

Science | Depression accelerates aging

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Depression has repeatedly been linked with increasing risk for age-related diseases, such as dementia, cancer and type-II diabetes. Now researchers have found supporting evidence that depression explicitly ages your cells. The study, conducted in the Netherlands, comprised of 1,900 individuals who had experienced major depressive disorders, as well as 500 … Read More

Keep Calm and Carry On?

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With exams around the corner and the sight of depressed and panic-stricken students frenetically flocking to the university libraries like battery chickens to revise, some immersed in their textbooks and writing notes like their life depended on it, others simply bored to tears and contemplating their own existential ennui, this … Read More