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Set One Twenty turns 6 with Moodymann – Review

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It didn’t take long at Mint Warehouse before I realised that Set One Twenty’s 6th birthday wasn’t quite going to be a night like many others. With Detroit legend Moodymann (a.k.a. Kenny Dixon Jr.) headlining the night, there was a palpable energy and enthusiasm in the air from the crowd, … Read More

Set One Twenty to bring Moodymann to Leeds – Preview

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Set One Twenty return to Mint Warehouse on March 16th for their 6th Birthday, bringing American DJs Moodymann and Seven Davis Jr. and their soulful stylings to Leeds. Their first event at Mint Warehouse since May of 2017, expect this to be a big night with a good mix of … Read More

Detroit Review

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Robert Cairns pins down why Detroit is the hard and sometimes brutal watch we all need to see. A bloodied, tear-stricken face presses against a misted screen with an incomprehensible agony: It’s at this moment that you realise Katheryn Bigelow’s exploration of the 12th Street Riot that destroyed the streets … Read More

Weekly Chart – Online Editor’s Picks

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Following a Halloween weekend in Berlin, it is no surprise that every sound that I now hear is associated with techno – sticking my head out the window of a moving car was the inexorable percussion or the simple chink of a teaspoon against the side of a mug could … Read More

Books | The Last Days of Detroit – All is not lost in the land of Motor City

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Detroit is a city that has always had its problems, as this book from Mark Binelli notes. Even during the years when Henry Ford turned Detroit into an industrial mega-giant, racial segregation caused major ruckus between blacks and whites alike and to this day, Detroit, to misquote Harold Macmillan, has … Read More