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Features | The top five New Year stereotypes

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We are now well into the second month of 2014 and, statistically, the vast majority of people will have already terribly failed their new year’s resolutions. However there are still some brave souls desperate to achieve their objective, battling through each and every day.   The Calorie Counter You will … Read More

Lifestyle | Get healthy through your winter diet

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As we now walk through Hyde Park in the morning, we find our feet crunching on the frosted grass whilst the crisp, clear air forces our teeth to chatter; indeed it becomes obvious that winter is here.  As we sit in lectures we are graced with the coughing and spluttering … Read More

Features | Healthy Eating at Uni

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Amongst the variety of challenges faced by students during term time, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is possibly one of the most daunting. But while the constant emphasis on healthy living from concerned parents and the media alike can seem overwhelming, LSi has some friendly advice to help you avoid the potential pitfalls of … Read More

Science | LS Answers – Why do we need such a varied diet?

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From cheesy chips to gourmet delicacies, it is fair to say that the human diet contains a smorgasbord of preferences. A combination of different cultures, religions and even celebrity instagrams can influence our dietary habits, but why is it that humans choose to devour such a wide range of dishes whereas many … Read More

Does what we eat affect climate change?

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The simple answer is yes! Our diets definitely do have a major impact on the environment and here is why. Emissions from agriculture account for 8% of total CO2 emissions in the UK, which may not sound like a great deal, however, most of the emissions from this sector are … Read More